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Choose your favorite peluches in our dedicated section

Games and Comics has selected for you the most beautiful plushes that you can wish for, inspired by many different titles to allow you to choose your favorites. On our online shop you will find many puppets inspired by films and TV series such as Star Wars , The Mandalorian , Game of Thrones , Power Rangers , Ghostbusters , Kung Fu Panda and many more. Games and Comics also offers you Marvel plushes and DC hero pelcuhes with reproductions of your favorite superheroes in many different sizes and styles. Check out our huge collection to choose the protagonists of you and favorite stories.

Pokemon plushes, Harry Potter, One Piece peluches and many others to buy

Our offer includes many Peluches and different cushions that will enrich your collections in a unique way. Numerous puppets depict your favorite Pokemon await you: Pikachu, Wobbuffet, Keldeo, Eevee and many others.

On our Online Shop you will also find puppets and stuffed animals inspired by the fantastic world of One Piece available in numerous formats and different poses as in the case of the Tony Chopper plush which comes in many different styles. A magical other world from which they draw inspiration our stuffed animals is to Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts , of which there is a wide range of dolls and pillows , as in the case of the mascots of the four families of Harry Potter that you can find some fantastic sets that include the pillow with the house symbol and a plush that represents the animal representative of the house itself. Or if you are an admirer of Newt Scamander and his animals you will not be able to do without our Snaso peluches , a fantastic reproduction of this cute little animal signed by Noble Collection . Do not miss our offers on stuffed animals, plushes and puppets, choose your favorite one and you will receive them comfortably at home.

Buy your stuffed animals, plushes and puppets only on the Games and Comics Online Shop

Trust the experience and professionalism of Games and Comics to buy your favorite stuffed animals, plushes and you can take advantage of our unique offers.

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