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Order now the new action figure from the Nendoroid line of Caster Merlin , from "Fate / Grand Order"! My name is Merlin. The Magus of Flowers, Merlin. I'm the beautiful girl you see smiling down upon you during your travels!From the popular game "Fate/Grand Order Arcade" comes a Nendoroid of the Caster class servant Merlin (Prototype)! She comes with...

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Fate/Grand Order: Action figure, Pop Up parade, Statue figure and other gadgets

Fate/Grand Order  is a Japanese free-to-play online role-playing mobile game, belonging to the Fate franchise by Type-Moon. The  Fate/Grand Order (Fate/GO or FGO) video game  focuses on turn-based combat: in which the player, in the role of "Master", summons and commands "Servant" heroic spirits from the past or future to be used to fight against their enemies.

The Master then commands a group of 6 Servants, 3 of whom are active and 3 on the bench who, in order of placement, will take the place of the one who has run out of life points. The Servants are equipped with 5 cards which can be of 3 types:  Buster, Quick, and  Arts . Each user can use one or more cards per turn and each card has a bonus or a special combination based on the type of cards used.

The secret of the great success of Fate/GO is its narrative sector. Mobile video games only have a story that surrounds the game, however, in the Fate/Grand Order video game, the story and its characters represent most of the  appeal of the game . The graphics of the video game are also in visual novel format.

The brands Aniplex, Orange Rouge and Max Factory for the best Figures of the game Fate/Grand Order

The  Action figures, Pop Up parade and Statue figures  of  Fate/Grand Order  are all available immediately or by pre-order on the Online Games and Comics Shop and are made by the leading brands in the sector. The Masters and Minions seen in the Fate/Grand Order video game are recreated to perfection and are highly sought after by fans of the game.

The Aniplex, Orange Rouge and Max  Factory brands   offer a wide range of products based on the Fate/GO video game. Choose now everything you need for your collection dedicated to Fate/Grand Order: on the Online Store of Games and Comics there are Ruler/Qin, Foreigner/Abigail Williams and many other reproductions!

Visit the Games and Comics Online Shop to discover the entire offer dedicated to Fate/Grand Order

Booble Head figures, Pop Up parade, Statue figures and many other gadgets of the characters belonging to the Japanese videogame  Fate/Grand Order  are waiting for you  on the Games and Comics Online Shop  . You can choose between the collectibles available for immediate purchase and those in pre-order, to have them as soon as they become purchasable. Stay updated and find what's right for you on the section dedicated to  Fate/Grand Order !

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