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Buy now the HUNTER X HUNTER Figurine - "Killua" ! Despite his innocent, childlike appearance, Killua Zoldik was raised as a true assassin and is a formidable Hunter. With his unparalleled intelligence and superhuman abilities, Gon's faithful friend will join ABYstyle Studio's SFC range along with his iconic yo-yo, which is deadlier than it seems. PVC...

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Hunter X Hunter - Action Figures, Statues and Collectibles

Hunter X Hunter follows the adventures of Gon Freecss , a young boy determined to become a " Hunter " to find his missing father. Together with his friends Killua , Kurapika and Leorio , Gon faces incredible and dangerous challenges in the world of hunters, facing mysterious creatures, powerful rivals and demanding exams. With a gripping plot and unforgettable characters, Hunter X Hunter is a saga that blends action, adventure and mystery, capturing the imagination of fans of all ages. Explore the vast selection of Hunter X Hunter action figures , statues and collectibles available on

The best collectibles dedicated to Hunter X Hunter characters produced by Good Smile Company, Capcom, Furyu, Funko and many others

From Gon Freecss and Killua Zoldyck to Hisoka and Kurapika , each character is beautifully immortalized in fine detail from the likes of Good Smile Company , Capcom , Furyu , Funko and more. Choose from a variety of pieces to enrich your collection and celebrate this beloved anime and manga. Take advantage of our special offers and pre-orders to collect your favorite characters!

Discover all the offers dedicated to Hunter X Hunter action figures

Visit the Games and Comics Online Shop to choose your favorite collectibles and take advantage of the promotions dedicated to many Hunter X Hunter action figures portraying the protagonists. Trust Games and Comics as your trusted action figure shop and you will be able to ensure the best collectibles dedicated to many sagas of different genres and styles.

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