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One Piece: the best action figures dedicated to the most famous pirates

One Piece is a manga genre Shonen written and drawn by Eiichiro Oda, serialized starting in July 1997 and still coming out today regularly. This manga is set in a world where oceans cover almost the entire surface which is dotted with an unknown number of iso le. The control of power is held by the world government which through the navy keeps most of the existing countries under control; against the world government, however, there are two different forces: the revolutionary army , which attempts to overthrow control of the world government and pirates grouped into crews that roam the seas in search of the hidden treasure, the One Piece.

The story of this manga is based on the adventures of the pirate Monkey D. Luffy and his crew, who in the course of the narrative expand by adding new members, who roam the four seas with the aim of making their captain the new king of pirates, a title that belonged to the legendary Gol D. Roger , and to find the legendary treasure. Over the years with the increase in notoriety of this saga, films, anime and video games dedicated to One Piece were also born and obviously also many collectibles such as action figures and statues were dedicated to the most loved characters.

Many characters are depicted in the figures dedicated to the world of One Piece as the members of the straw hat crew : Nami, Sanji, Zoro, Brook, Franky, Chopper and Nico Robin ; navy admirals Sakazuki Akainu, Borsalino Kizaru and Aokiji Kuzan, along with many characters who have crossed their path with Monkey D. Luffy such as Trafalgar Law, Sabo, Eustass Kid, Buggy the clown, Boa Hancock and many others.

One Piece statues and action figures of the best brands on the Games and Comics Online Shop

The statues and to ction figures One Piece are produced by the best brands that operate in the sector collectable as Bandai , Banpresto , Funko and Megahouse together with other marks; the action figures , the bobbleheads and the statues available on our Online Shop, reproduce the characters of the series in the smallest details, proposing their poses and their distinctive moves.

Several series of collectibles are dedicated to One Piece characters such as GEM series, Funko Pop, Figuarts Zero and Excellent Model Series that you can find at Games and Comics. Don't miss out on all the opportunities available on our Online Shop where you will find many collectibles dedicated to One Piece including the one dedicated to your favorite character.

Choose collectibles inspired by your favorite One Piece characters

Discover the whole offer dedicated to One Piece action figures, statues and bobbleheads available on the Games and Comics Online Shop, with many products available for purchase and pre-order ; thanks to the pre-orders section you can also stay updated on future releases that will allow you to secure all the One Piece figures that you cannot do without for your collection.

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