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Embark on an extraordinary voyage with our latest release, the XXRAY+ Luffy's Gear 5 from Freeny's Hidden Dissectibles: One Piece (Luffy's Gear Edition). This colossal variant, based on the chaser in the series, magnifies the iconic Gear 5 design, immersing you in the world of Eiichiro Oda's creation.With heightened detailing and intricate shadow play,...

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One Piece: the best action figures dedicated to the most famous pirates

One Piece  is a manga of the Shonen genre written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, serialized starting from July 1997 and still periodically coming out today. This manga is set in a world where the oceans cover almost the entire surface which is dotted with an unknown number of islands. The control of power is held by the  world government  which by means of the  navy , a very powerful army, keeps most of the existing countries under control; against the world government, however, there are two different forces: the revolutionary army , which tries to overthrow the control of the world government and the  pirates  grouped in crews who roam the seas in search of the hidden treasure, the One Piece .

The story of this manga is based on the adventures of the pirate  Monkey  D.  Luffy  nicknamed  Rubber  or  Straw Hat  and his friendly crew, which in the course of the narrative expands by adding new members, who roam the four seas with the aim of to make their captain the new  king of the pirates , a title that belonged only to the legendary  Gol D. Roger , and to find his legendary treasure. Rubber  is a boy whose body has acquired the properties of rubber after inadvertently ingesting  Gom Gom  one of the many  devil fruits , in fact, thanks to this he can perform a wide range of shots and special attacks such as: the  Gom Gom pistol  , the  Gom Gom cannon  and many others. Over the years, with the increase in notoriety of this saga, it has established itself as one of the most loved sagas in the world, in fact, it has also given rise to films, anime and video games dedicated to One Piece and obviously also many  collectibles  such  as  action  figures  and  statues figures  have been dedicated to the most loved and famous characters.    

Many characters are depicted in the figures dedicated to the world of  One Piece  such as the members of the  Straw Hat crew :  Nami  Sanji  Zoro  Brook  Franky  Chopper  and  Nico Robin ; Navy Admirals  Sakazuki  Akainu  Borsalino  Kizaru  and  Aokiji Kuzan , along with so many characters who have crossed paths with  Monkey  D.  Luffy  such as  Trafalgar  Law  Sabo Eustass  Kid  Buggy the Clown  Boa Hancock  and more.

One Piece statues and action figures from the best brands on the Online Games and Comics Shop

The One Piece statue figures , the One Piece bobble figures  and the One Piece action figures  are produced by the best brands operating in the  collectibles sector  such as  BandaiBanprestoFunko  and  Megahouse  together with other brands; the Action figures, the Bobbleheads  and the  Statue figures available on our Online Shop, reproduce the characters of the series down to the smallest detail, proposing their poses and their distinctive moves. Don't miss out on any One Piece product manga and anime. Games and Comics  selected for you among the best manufacturers of the market of collectibles of the Anime and Manga genre, to maintain a very high level of attention to detail and the quality of the materials used in the products for your  One Piece collection. Discover all the One Piece collectibles such as:  Monkey  D.  Luffy beautiful  Straw Hat action figure in fighting position,  Zoro's  Katana  and many other  One Piece swordsmenT-Shirts of various graphics produced by to pay homage to the most famous characters of  One Piece,  Plush  by  Sakami  Merchandising inspired by  Zoro and other characters or the beautiful  3D lamps  with the  One Piece logo.

On the  Games and Comics Online Shop  you can also find the  series of collectibles  dedicated to the  most famous ships  that have sailed the most famous sea of  ​​Manga  and  Anime , all produced by  Bandai , market  leader   in terms of respect for details and the quality of materials. You can find the world famous  Going Merry , the Marine Warship  the navy ship, the Thousand SunnyRed ForceQueen Mama  and many more for your  One Piece passion .    

Several series of  collectibles are dedicated to One Piece characters  such as  GEM seriesFunko  Pop ,  Figuarts  Zero  and  Excellent  Model Series  which you can find at  Games and Comics . Don't miss out on all the opportunities available on our  Online Shop  where you will find lots of  collectibles  dedicated to  One Piece from which you can choose the one dedicated to your favorite character. The most important of these series is certainly  Bandai  Figuarts  Zero One Piece, one of the most varied and complete among the proposals dedicated to this saga with many  statues  and  action figures  that portray numerous different characters with new releases and unmissable novelties always ready to implement this vast collection of figures. Among the most particular characters, in addition to the classic protagonists of the series, you will find  Charlotte Pudding,  Candy lover Chopper,  Rob Lucci,  Coby  and  Helmeppo,  Sabo  and many other novelties in continuous release.

Another much loved series dedicated to One Piece figures  is  POP  Megahouse with very high quality representations of the characters belonging to this saga with truly unique poses and styles with representations of  Nefertati  Bibi,  Nojiko,  Monkey  D.  Luffy,  Sabo,  Nami,  Portgas  D. Ace,  Trafalgar  Law,  Carrot,  Aokiji  Kuzan,  Admiral  Fujitora,  Sir  Crocodile  and  Belo Betty among the various proposals.

Choose collectibles inspired by your favorite One Piece characters

Discover the whole offer dedicated to  One Piece Action FiguresStatue Figures  and  Bobble Heads  available on the Online Games and Comics Shop , with lots of products available for purchase and  pre-order ; thanks to the pre-orders section  you will also be able to stay updated on future releases which will allow you to secure all the One Piece figures you cannot do without for your collection.

You just have to choose which characters you can't do without to complete your crew and which series belongs more to your style to always have One Piece themed collectibles with you.

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