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Beast Kingdom’s Entertainment Experience company is back once again with the latest signature Egg Attack Action series of Marvel Heroes action figures. This time with real fabrics used for the clothing. The classic red and black suite and leather like trousers are completely reproduced with accuracy.

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Deadpool: unique collectibles for an irreverent superhero

Deadpool is a Marvel Comics character who first appeared in 1991 in the New Mutants series ; his alter ego is Wade Wilson . Character much loved for his humor, full of double meanings and references to other films. His powers, like those of several superheroes, are due to a failed experiment, as following an injection that was to replicate the effects had on Wolverine , Wade awakens immortal thanks to a very powerful regeneration factor that awakens in his body in following the experiment. Deadpoolhas recently gained a huge success thanks to the latest films that see him as the protagonist in his classic irreverent guise, with very funny jokes and moves. Beloved by fans, Deadpool has been dedicated to many collectibles made by the best brands that have created action figures , bobble heads , statues and gadgets inspired by the chatty mercenary .

Incredible brands and series for your Deadpool collectibles

The collectibles dedicated to Deadpool belong to very successful series such as Marvel Legends and Marvel Select as regards the action figures , and are produced by the Diamond Select and Hasbro brands that recreate different characters belonging to the Deadpool sagas such as Domino , Negasonic and Deadpool himself in various versions. For the bobble heads, on the other hand, the reference point is the Funko brand with its Funko Pop series dedicated to many different areas; in this case the reference series is Funko Pop! Marvel . Games and Comics for its collectibles dedicated to Deadpool also offers fantastic statues produced by brands such as Iron Studios , Kotobukiya , Diamond Select and Factory Entertainment with some of their series such as Marvel Now and Diamond Gallery that recreate Deadpool in many different poses, both in moments of battle that in funny and funny attitudes, always with great attention to detail, to offer fans of the highest quality figures. In addition to the collectibles you Shop Online Games and Comics also offers gadgets of Deadpool as money boxes , cups and mats feature the prints dedicated to masked superhero.

Discover the entire Games and Comics proposal dedicated to Deadpool

By visiting the Online Games and Comics Shop you can discover all the action figures and collectibles selected for you. Lots of Deadpool themed products are waiting for you both available for purchase and with the possibility of preordering, to allow you to stay up to date on future releases. Don't miss out on our amazing deadpool promotions.

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