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Figuarts Zero Chouette is proud to announce Eternal Sailor Moon from the "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos: The Movie"! Through the use of gentle yet detailed sculpting, translucent materials, and chrome plating, Figuarts Zero Chouette brings Eternal Sailor Moon to life, with all of her ephemerality and courage!

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Sailor Moon: action figures, replicas and statues

Sailor Moon is a manga written and drawn by Naoko Takeuchi in the early 90's and belongs to the maho shojo genre. The name of this manga comes from the sailor dress worn by the protagonist.

This manga, which later also became a very popular anime , tells the adventures of the Sailor warriors who are committed to protecting the earth from the fearsome emissaries of the Dark Kingdom who want to take over power. The protagonist of the saga, Sailor Moon , is the student Usagi Tsukino who receives her powers as a Sailor warrior following the meeting with Luna, a talking black cat, who will also help her find the other warriors who will fight battles with her. in defense of the Earth.

On Shop Online for Games and Comics are so many collectibles dedicated to the saga of this warrior stellar as action figures, mini figures, statues and replicas attention to every detail to propose realistic reproductions of objects characteristic of this saga and the main characters of the series . Discover them all to choose your favorite Sailor warrior and add her figures to your collection.

Discover all the Sailor Moon collectibles of the best brands and series

The action figures and other Sailor Moon collectibles available on the Games and Comics Online Shop are produced by the highest quality brands such as Bandai , Banpresto and Megahouse . Bandai has also dedicated several of its series to Sailor Moon characters , such as the Tamashii Buddies series which includes minifigures about 9 cm high positioned on a base with a background depicting the various Sailor warriors ; another series in which there are figures inspired by the characters of Sailor Moon is Figuarts Zero, which represents the Sailor warriors in incredible statues about 17 cm tall that rest on fantastic dioramas; these statues have incredible details of sculpture and coloring that allow them to perfectly recreate the warriors represented.

Finally, Bandai offers within its SH Figuarts series a section also dedicated to Sailor Moon with action figures that represent all the various Sailor warriors in figures with great articulation that allows you to position them as you prefer; inside the various blisters there are several interchangeable accessories to customize your Sailor Moon action figure.

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Discover all the Games and Comics proposals inspired by the manga and anime Sailor Moon; many collectibles are waiting for you on our Online Shop with products available for immediate purchase and many pre-order proposals with which to stay up to date on future releases and have the opportunity to secure your favorite Sailor Moon action figures . Do not miss the opportunities reserved for our customers and take advantage of the discounts dedicated to the Sailor Moon collectibles from Games and Comics.

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