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Order now Hades, King of the Underworld, in his new human form, by Bandai Saint Cloth Myth EX! Faithfully reproduces his on-screen appearance from the anime, this figure is based on a newly-developed EX-METAL main body

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Pokemon: action figures, plushes and bobbleheads

Pokemon is a Japanese media franchise owned by The Pokemon Company, created in 1996 by Satoshi Tajiri with the publication of the first pair of video games , Pokemon green and red versions, which arrived in the West in 1998. The purpose of this video game is to capture and train Pokemon d iversi to combat and defeat other trainers in order to become stronger, taking advantage of the strengths and weaknesses of the various types of Pokemon .

The motto of the video game and early anime is Gotta Catch ' Em All , which is a way to spur every trainer to catch all available Pokemon. Many video games and new generations of Pokemon are stat i creat the over time and still continue to be born new ones. Games and Comics offers within its Sh op Online a section dedicated to collectibles inspired by the Pokemon saga with action figures , bobbleheads , statues , soft toys and various types of gadgets such as pillows and t-shirts . Discover the whole offer dedicated to one of the most loved video games ever.

The best brands and series for your Pokemon-themed collectibles

The Pokemon collectibles present on the Games and Comics Online Shop are made by some of the best brands such as Lyo, Nintendo, Funko, The Pokemon Company International and Boti who have recreated the most iconic Pokemon in a unique and original way.

For example, on our Online Shop you will find a selection of Funko Pop Pokemon representing some of the most famous Pokemon such as Pikachu, Mewtwo, Cubone and Growlithe, all belonging to the first generation, but you will also find others to choose from your favorites.

For lovers of plushes it is instead the brand Tomy to give dolls which are about 20 cm Pokemon taken from various editions of video games, soft and magnificent versions.

As for action figures and statues, the Boti brand offers some fantastic figures in different versions inspired by famous Pokemon such as Blastoise, Bulbasaur, Charmender, Togepi, Squirtle and many others with collectibles from 5 cm to 25 cm high.

Also discover all the gadgets available such as pillows, caps and t-shirts produced by Nintendo, Lyo and The Pokemon Company International with which to complete your collection dedicated to Pokemon.

Discover all the proposal dedicated to Pokemon available on the Online Games and Comics Shop

Visit our Online Shop Games and Comics to discover all the offers dedicated to Pokemon to choose from the many collects bili available immediately purchase and pre-order , first, to ensure that everything that can not miss in your collection.

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