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Chucky: The Killer Doll

Chucky is the protagonist of the saga dedicated to The Assassin Doll , made up of eight different films, the first in 1988 and the last in 2019, with a reboot of the first film.
The character of Chucky was born from an intuition of the director and screenwriter Don Mancini, who gives life to the character of Charles Lee Ray , a serial killer who hunted and captured by the police, thanks to a voodoo ritual, transfers his soul inside a doll. of rag, creating the myth of Chucky . Along with Chucky over the course of the films, other characters are also revealed in the form of talking dolls, namely, his partner Tiffany and their son Glen, who once resumed human form will be split into twins, Glen and Glenda , due to his dual personality. The myth of the killer doll has fascinated many collectors, giving life to highly detailed action figure series that recreate the most famous killer dolls in the history of cinema.

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The world of the horror genre has been conditioned by the presence of a character with such a particular personality who has achieved success thanks to a unique style. Games and Comics has selected for you in its exclusive section dedicated to Chucky , incredible proposals signed by brands such as Mezco Toys , Neca and Trick or Treat Studios which thanks to their experience have reproduced the characters of the saga in an impeccable way. Choose, from our line of busts dedicated to this cult of horror cinema and the action figures that reproduce in an incredibly faithful way the innocent doll that Chucky takes possession of, the collectibles of your choice.

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Continuously arriving news and many collectibles available for purchase or pre-order await you on the Games and Comics Online Shop to give life to an unrivaled collection and fuel your passion for the horror genre. The most famous talking rag doll in cinema awaits you with the most unmissable offers.

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