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Saint Seiya : action figures and statues

Saint Seiya or The Knights of the Zodiac is a manga and anime series created since 1985 by Masami Kurumada who gave life to the original series called precisely Saint Seiya which was then followed by numerous other series such as The lost Canvas, Saint Seiya Omega, Saint Seiya Soul of Gold and Saintia Sho among the main ones. The sa ga tells the adventures of warriors with unique powers, the Knights of the Zodiac, who take their skills from their constellation of belonging and fight to defend the planet and the honor of their patron goddess Athena.

In the various series the battag lie fought by the knights are caused by the power struggles between the different divinities, initially drawn from Greek mythology then in the series following the original also from Norse, Egyptian, Aztec, Celtic, Roman and Sumerian mythology. Games and Comi cs has selected for you the best action figures taken from the souls and the manga of Saint Seiya to offer yourself the collectible more detailed and sought after by fans of this series. Action figures and statues dedicated to the knights and the most famous characters are present on the Online Shop such as the Bronze Knights , the Silver Knights and the Gold Knights together with their main antagonists, including: Poseidon , Ares and the heralds of Hades. All Saint Seiya Myth Cloth action figures feature the characteristic shimmering armor and interchangeable accessories and parts to customize your figures.

The Bandai and Banpresto brands for your Saint Seiya action figures

The Saint Seiya action figures available on the Games and Comics Online Shop are made by leading brands in the sector; their collectibles are synonymous with quality and beauty, thanks to their meticulous reproduction of every detail that allows you to perfectly recreate the characters seen in the saga. Bandai and Banprest or offer a wide range of Myth Cloth taken from the various editions of the Knights of the Zodiac and belonging to different series such as Saint Seiya Soul of Golf and Saint Seiya Saintia Sho. One of the most interesting series proposed by Bandai is undoubtedly Panoramation, which reproduces some of the knights inside dioramas that simulate the most representative action scenes of the characters, with accessories and interchangeable parts inside the package to customize your own action figure.

Visit the Online Games and Comics Shop to discover the whole offer dedicated to Saint Seiya

Discover all the Myth Cloths available in the section dedicated to Saint Seiya to find out about the whole Games and Comics offer on collectibles available immediately for purchase and on those in preorder . Thanks to our pre-orders section you can always stay updated on future releases dedicated to Myth Cloth, so as not to miss any of the action figures of the characters belonging to the serious and The Knights of the Zodiac.

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