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Overwatch is a first-person shooter genre video game created by Blizzard . Set on planet Earth in the year 2070, in a world where technology and robotics have seen a development that has led to the creation of artificial intelligences controlled and managed by information centers called Omnium . The story tells the story of a civil war due to the rebellion of the machines, awakened because they were infected by the "God Program" with the aim of fighting humans; to defeat this threat, an elite body called Overwatch was set up by the United Nations to control and destroy the Omnic threat. Struggles for power and epic battles are fought by the characters in this video game who use their unique special abilities to defeat enemies and achieve their goals.

Discover all the characters portrayed in our collectibles

The Games and Comics Online Shop has prepared for you a collection of collectibles dedicated to the Overwatch universe with representations of the most famous warriors seen throughout history. Action figures , replicas and gadgets await you with creations from brands such as Good Smile Company and Gaya Entertainment . Among our proposals you will find, for example, the Roadhog hook , the weapon with which this character attracts his targets to be able to destroy them; this replica has a size of 62 cm with only the hook, while including the chain it exceeds one meter in length. The world of Overwatch action figures available on our Online Shop is guided, instead, by the proposals of Good Smile Company , of which we have selected for you the best proposals that portray characters such as Pharah , Lucio , Mccree , Torbjorn , Reaper , Mercy both with proposals of 16 cm high action figures with a classic style and rich in details, which with figures belonging to the Nendoroid series , one of the most famous of Good Smile Company , characterized by a truly unique style for its figures about 10 cm high. Do not miss any of the offers that Games and Comics has chosen for you, always staying updated on future releases.

Overwatch action figures - choose your favorites

Games and Comics is ready to satisfy your every wish by introducing a rich offering of collectible High quality for your collection dedicated to the video game Overwatch . For any information or request, remember that our staff is always at your complete disposal to answer all your doubts.

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