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Order now Hades, King of the Underworld, in his new human form, by Bandai Saint Cloth Myth EX! Faithfully reproduces his on-screen appearance from the anime, this figure is based on a newly-developed EX-METAL main body

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Naruto: fantastic collectibles dedicated to the most famous characters

Naruto is a manga created by Masashi Kishimoto and published from 1999 to 2014. The series includes 700 chapters collected in 72 volumes that narrate the adventures of the young ninja Naruto Uzumaki who pursues his dream of becoming Hokage . Naruto , along with One Piece and Dragon Ball , is one of the most famous and well-known manga in the world. In fact, from the plot of this saga there are video games , anime , films and novels that tell the deeds of the ninja of the Leaf village and some characters who have fascinated fans during the adventures of Naruto .

This manga sees in the development of its narration the presence of many characters, friends and opponents of Naruto very fascinating, who have conquered the hearts of fans and for this reason they have been reproduced in many different versions in action figures and statues with a unique character. The main characters that are portrayed in the figures available from Games and Comics are: Naruto Uzumaki , Rock Lee , Orochimaru , Hatake Kakashi , Jiraya , Gaara , Sasuke along with many others that you can discover by visiting our Online Shop .

Discover the best brands and the best series that dedicate their action figures to Naruto

The best brands in the industry such as Bandai , Banpresto , Good Smile Company , Megahouse and Takara Tomy with some of their series such as SH Figuarts , Figuarts Zero and Gem Series reproduce the most famous characters with great attention and attention to detail, using a unique style that gives great charm to statues and action figures .

Discover all the proposals available on the Games and Comics Online Shop and you will find your favorite characters portrayed in statues with unique poses, perfectly made in every detail to give an original product that will stand out in your collection. In addition, you can choose your favorite action figures , with great posability, with accessories that will allow you to display them in the positions that have distinguished the characters during their adventures.

Here are all the news dedicated to Naruto action figures

Our Online Shop is constantly updated and among the new proposals dedicated to Naruto collectibles there are many unmissable releases that cannot be missed in the collection of a passionate fan of this manga. Among the novelties you can find the fantastic Funko Pop bobble heads that portray many different characters such as Shikamaru Nara , Kabuto Yakushi , Minato Namikaze , Naruto Six Path Sage and many others in continuous release. Another successful series that is added to our proposal dedicated to this incredible manga is that of Good Smile Company with brand new action figures from the Nendoroid series dedicated to Itachi Uchiha , Deidara , Sasuke Uchiha , Naruto Uzumaki and many other main characters of this saga .

Choose your favorite Naruto action figures on the Online Games and Comics Shop

Visiting the Shop Online of Games and Comics can discover all collectable dedicated to the series of Naruto with special themes. Don't forget to also visit our section dedicated to pre - orders , where you can find out about all future releases and don't miss the ones you can't give up. In addition, by purchasing the products in pre-order you can take advantage of further incredible discounts dedicated to many different releases. We are waiting for you!

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