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All collectibles inspired by a series that marked an era: Space 1999

Spazio 1999 is a science fiction TV series, created by the British network ITC and broadcast in the years 1975 to 1977, with 2 seasons and 48 episodes in total. This TV series conceived by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson tells of an interplanetary odyssey that involves the members of a lunar colony in the Plato crater who, following their drift in space due to the explosion of some nuclear waste, are forced to survive in the open space, coming into contact with alien life forms of all kinds. The John Robert Koenig Commander , the Dr. Helena Russell and the ' interpreter Alan cards are the main characters of the series which revolve around the adventures of this space odyssey. Games and Comicsto pay homage to this iconic TV series of the 70s, it has created a special section that presents action figures , model kits and replicas dedicated to characters, accessories and means of transport seen in the series.

Discover the model kits, replicas and action figures dedicated to Spazio 1999

By visiting the Online Games and Comics Shop in the section dedicated to Spazio 1999 you can discover all the unmissable proposals present: both available for immediate purchase and with the possibility of pre - ordering . Among our proposals you will find different series of action figures portrayed with different styles and sizes created by brands such as Sixteen 12 and Big Chief . In addition, you can also buy replicas of items such as the stunt gun and comlock , and different versions of the Eagle with truly unique accessories and components. For fans of model kits dedicated to Spazio 1999 , our Online Shop also offers a 1/48 scale reproduction, approximately 50 cm in size, dedicated to the Eagle that appeared in the PSYCON episode with the possibility of purchasing additional kits for customize your own figures.

Choose your favorite figures on the Games and Comics action figure shop

Discover all our proposals to choose how to enrich your collection and add unique pieces to show to your friends; the great quality of the figures chosen for you by Games and Comics will allow you to create a unique collection of Space 1999 themed collectibles .

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