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Ultraman: the defender of the Universe

The Ultra Series is a Japanese saga of the superhero genre tokusatsu and diakaiju , or dedicated to giant monsters, of which it is also one of the greatest exponents along with the Godzilla and Gamera series. Begun in 1966, the Ultraman saga tells the adventures of a technologically advanced civilization, originally very similar to humans, but which evolved as a result of replacing their sun with Plasma Spark , which brought about profound changes in members of the population. . Red and silver, typically with yellow eyes this is the typical conformation of an Ultraman, although over the years they have also been seen in other shapes and colors. The main skills of these characters include the use of energy rays and the ability to fly, always used for a good purpose thanks to the sense of justice and duty that distinguishes the Ultramans , who in fact often join the Space Garrison to maintain the peace in the universe, defending it from alien invaders and monsters of all kinds. The Ultraman to keep the peace are often sent to other planets to watch over them and protect them from any threat, always remaining in contact with other members of their own species.

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The charm and immortality of Ultraman has also struck us at Games and Comics , for this reason we have created an exclusive section dedicated to model kits and Ultraman action figures , with an exclusive collection of the best brands in the sector that includes the proposals of Threezero , Mezco Toys , Kotobukiya and, of course, Bandai . Many special versions and new styles of the protagonists and antagonists of The Ultra Series await you with depictions, for example, of Ultraman Suit 7.3 , Ultraman Suite B , Ultraman Suite Darklops and the fearsome Dark Baltan . Don't miss the best action figures for your collection!

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Many products available for purchase and constantly arriving novelties are ready to amaze you with a breathtaking quality of details and details, which perfectly recreate the characters taken from the original series. Our Online Shop is at your complete disposal to satisfy every desire to complete your collections.

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