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To Love-Ru: Pop Up parade figures and statues

To Love-Ru is a Harem Ecchi  manga series  written by Saki Hasemi distributed in Italy starting from February 2010.  The  Harem Ecchi anime To Love-Ru  tells the life of the protagonist  Rito Yuuki ,  a  fifteen-year-old high school student in love with his classmate Haruna  Sarenji .    

Rito  one day while he is in the bathroom to wash when suddenly a strange girl without veils appears, an  alien princess Lala , from the planet  Deviluke , where she is heir to the throne.

Lala  falls madly in love with  Rito  and decides she wants to marry him,  Rito,  after getting engaged to the alien princess  Lala , discovers that her father,  king of the planet  Deviluke  intends to kill him and destroy planet Earth if he is unable to protect his daughter  Lala .

The success of  To Love-Ru  is due to its simple yet profound and well-described story, above all thanks to the multitude of well-drawn and always very sensual female characters.  So there is no shortage of  huge Oppai   and  Ecchi  scenes in this anime, one of a kind  Harem Ecchi with just the right amount of romance.  

Games and Comics  has selected for you the most beautiful and sexy  Pop Up parade Statue figures  and  Statue figures  taken from  To Love-Ru  's  Harem Ecchi manga   to offer you the  most detailed and sought-after collectibles by To Love-Ru  fans  .

Pop Up parade Statue figures  and  Statue figures  of the most attractive characters dedicated to  To Love-Ru  Darkness are present on the  Games and Comics Online Shop  .  Find  Lala  Momo  Yui Kitegawa, Haruna Sarenji and many others among the most representative protagonists of the Harem Ecchi anime  from  To Love-Ru . All  To Love  -  Ru Harem figures   feature high detail and do not neglect any of the characteristics of the characters from the story.

The brands Max Factory, Amakuni, Union Creative, Sentinel and other brands for the best To Love-Ru Manga Harem Figures

Pop Up parade Statue figure  and  Statue figure  are all available immediately or by pre-order on the  Games and Comics Online Shop , made by the leading brands in the sector. Their  collectibles  are synonymous with quality and beauty.

Thanks to their very precise reproduction of every detail, these brands have perfectly recreated the most loved  Harem protagonists  of the To Love-Ru anime Max  Factory, Union Creative,  Sentinel and other brands offer a wide range of products based on the  To Love-Ru manga.

Discover the beautiful  To Love-Ru  Statue  Figures  proposed by  Amakuni,  perfect reproductions of the   most loved  Harem characters from the manga  and  available on the Games and Comics Online Shop .  Other  To Love-Ru  representations  such  as  Pop Up Parade Statue Figures  produced by  Max Factory are available on the  Games and Comics Online Store  for your  To Love-Ru collection . But on the  online catalog  you will also find all the  Statue figures  of    Union Creative  in Darkness version available.

Visit the Games and Comics Online Shop to discover the whole offer dedicated to To Love-Ru

Discover all the  Harem Figures  and  products  that can be purchased in the section dedicated to  To Love-Ru  to find out about the entire offer of  Games and Comics  on  collectibles  available for immediate purchase and those on  pre-order .

Thanks to our  pre-order section  you can always stay updated on future releases dedicated to  To Love-Ru . Don't miss any of the  Pop Up parade Statue figures  and  Statue figures  of the characters belonging to the  Japanese  Harem anime To Love-Ru !

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