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Bandai has taken the incredible plamo technology of the Master Grade (MG) series and condensed it into the body of an SD Gundam!The next kit in the high-end SD "MGSD" range is the Gundam Wing Zero EW, packed with the most mobility, gimmicks and detail in the history of the SD series!

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Order this iconic space fighter for your own collection today!Arcadia's 1/60-scale action figure of the VF-4A Lightning III piloted by Hikaru Ichijo in "Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Flashback 2012" is back! It's fully transformable into all three forms (Battroid, Gerwalk and Fighter), and although it comes with no weaponry, it has posable hands and a...

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Discover all the series of collectibles dedicated to Japanese robots

The mecha genus became famous starting from the 70s, first in Japan and then conquered the whole world. By mecha we mean any large mechanical element, even if in the world of anime and manga this name is referred to when talking about robots . The first television series that gave resonance to the genre of Japanese robots was definitely Robotech which was followed by great anime such as Mazinger , Grendizer and Mobile Suite Gundam .

A further distinction between Japanese robots is that which differentiates real robots and super robots , as the former are conceived as weapons and are generally mass-produced; instead, super robots are unique machines, often with special powers and abilities that make them almost invincible. Discover on the Games and Comics Online Shop all the action figures , model kits and statues dedicated to the most famous series inspired by Japanese robots .

Action figures, model kits and statues dedicated to the mecha genre

The collectibles on the Games and Comics Online Shop are inspired by the most famous Japanese manga and anime of the mecha genre such as Star Blazers- Yamato , Getter Robot , Jeeg Robot , Neon Genesis Evangelion , Daitarn , Gaogaigar and are produced by the best brands in the sector. , including: Bandai , Kotobukiya , Good Smile Company and Megahouse who make faithful reproductions in different sizes of the most famous characters of these series, paying great attention to the details and accessories that have made these mecha unique .

Many different series are dedicated to action figures , model kits and statues that differ from each other in terms of characteristics and technical specifications. For example, Bandai divides its model kits into series based on the scale of their models and the detail with which they are produced. Among the series available on our Online Shop you will find High Grade 1/144 , Master Grade 1/100 , Perfect Grade 1/60 , Mega Size 1/48 and Real Grade from which you can choose your favorite model kits .

As for action figures and statues, there are many series produced by different brands such as Soul of Chogokin , Absolute Chogokin , Super Robot Chogokin , Artfxj Japan and Figuarts Zero ; all of these series have unique distinctive features that make them highly regarded and sought after by fans of the mecha genre.

Here are the main titles our Japanese robots are dedicated to

The world of Japanese robots is very large and reproduces characters and mecha taken from many different series produced between the 70s and today that have made the history of this genre, fascinating different generations. Let's find out now what are the main waiting for you on the Shop Online of Games and Comics :

  • Grendizer - Grendizer : Ufo Robot Grendizer is a series created by Go Nagai in 1975 which stars Prince Duke Fleed , together with his battle robot Grendizer , who have come to Earth to escape the attacks of the terrible King Vega , who will also follow him on the new planet to destroy it permanently. Action figures and statues of both the protagonist and the fearsome enemies he will face during his adventures await you from Games and Comics .
  • Mazinger - Mazinger : A series of manga, anime and movies are dedicated to the great character of Mazinger , seen for the first time in Mazinger Z and led by the hero Koji Kabuto , to stop the plans of Doctor Hell . Epic battles fought between incredible robots give life to figures not to be missed.
  • Gundam : Starting with the first Mobile Suite Gundam series , this Japanese animation franchise sees rapid expansion with the creation of many different series that narrate the adventures of some of the most famous Japanese robots in history such as, for example, Gundam Zaku , Gundam Unicorn , and Gundam RX-78 among the many created from 1979 until today. The best creations dedicated to these titles await you on our Online Shop with truly unique proposals.

Visit the Online Shop to discover all the offers dedicated to collectibles on Japanese robots

Discover all the action figures , model kits and statues offered on the Games and Comics Online Shop , you will find both products available for purchase and with the possibility of pre - ordering , to stay up to date on future releases and ensure the figures that cannot be missed. inside your collection.

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