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Friday the 13th: the slasher horror saga starring Jason Voorhees

Friday the 13th  is a horror saga in the slasher category which, starting from 1980, the year of publication of the first film, has seen a great growth of its franchise with the release of 10 films over the years. Among these we find 2 between crossovers and reboots, but also numerous video games that see the presence of the terrifying  Jason Voorhees  within their history. 

The greatness of this character has fascinated many fans who, in addition to the various films and video games, have also appreciated the  collectibles dedicated to this saga. This series is in fact characterized by a granguignolesque spectacularity, typical of all the murders committed in the horror saga of the  Jason character . Games and Comics  to offer all horror lovers and in particular lovers of  Jason 's character  has created a section dedicated exclusively to  Friday the 13th  with  collectibles  of different types.

The Friday the 13th saga between films and collectibles, discover the best brands for your collection

The saga of Friday the 13th is a cinema cult. Many brands have worked to create action figures, gadgets and many other items to collect. The best-known object of this series is certainly  Jason  's  hockey mask : on the  Online Games and Comics Shop  you can find  replicas of the masks  used in the films such as the third, fourth and fifth one, marked  Neca . Since  Jason Voorhees  is the protagonist of this saga, the brands  Star Ace  Iron Studios  and  Neca  have made action figures on this character.

If you need to write down some commitments or write some notes, do it with style. A  VHS-shaped  agenda is available on our Online Store, which recalls the old cassette of the fourth film, for all your memos, inside you can find Friday the 13th themed stickers .

 In case you want to scare your neighbors or friends, when they come to your house, you can place the Friday  the 13th doormat that says 'Welcome to Camp Crystale Lake' in front of the door   to give a warm welcome to your guests. 

To accommodate guests, you can also offer them a good herbal tea in the  Friday the 13th ceramic cup  depicting  Jason . To pass the time, the fastest and most comfortable thing is a game of cards and why not use decorated cards with a  Friday the 13th theme . All this while wearing a beautiful  Friday the 13th t-shirt . The accessories are available on our online catalog both by immediate purchase and also by pre-order!

Statues, gadgets and action figures Friday the 13th

The  Games and Comics Online Shop  offers within its section dedicated to  Friday the 13th  some  collectibles  selected by the best brands such as  Neca  Mezco Toys  SD Toys  Star Ace  Aquarius  and many others; a wide range of  action figures  statues  replicas  t-shirts  and  gadgets  dedicated to one of the most famous serial killers in cinema awaits you. The figures dedicated to  Jason  presented by  Games and Comics they portray the character taken from the various appearances in which he took part, thus varying his style according to the reference film and which are also combined with the various interchangeable accessories that characterize him such as his weapons and the various faces and objects. Discover all the best  collectibles  dedicated to  Jason Voorhees  to expand your collection and make it truly unique.

Visit the Games and Comics Online Shop to see the entire offer dedicated to Jason Voorhees

On the Games and Comics Online Shop you will find many products available for immediate purchase and various proposals with the possibility of  pre-ordering . All this awaits you on the  Online Games and Comics Shop ! Series of  action figures  with great charm will give you the opportunity to exhibit faithful reproductions of  Jason  in all his terrifying personality.

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