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Keroro: The alien frog ready to take over the world

Keroro is a Japanese manga written and drawn by Mine Yoshizaki, started in 1999, which tells the adventures of a group of alien frogs led by Sergeant Keroro , accompanied by Tamama , Giroro , Kururu and Dororo , his handful of soldiers, together with whom it comes to earth with the aim of conquering the planet. Over the course of history, among the various failed attempts to conquer the earth, Keroro discovers the importance of friendship between humans and aliens and will be increasingly conditioned by this. Keroro's manga has been a great success all over the world and from its history have also been born an anime and several animated films dealing with the adventures of alien frogs.

On the wave of the success of this saga, fantastic collectibles have also been created inspired by the characters of the series and the robots that accompany them in their battles, with action figures and model kits of the highest quality that will make all fans of this title fall in love.

Choose your favorite from the best Keroro model kits and action figures

Bandai is the reference point for all collectibles dedicated to Keroro and for this reason you will find only the highest quality figures, made by one of the leading brands in the sector that for years has represented the top in this world. Among the proposals that you will find on the Shop Online of Games and Comics can choose between different versions of model kit dedicated to Sergeant Keroro and his platoon of soldiers with the series Bandai Keroro Plamo proposing the characters in lots of fun different capacities to pay homage to the various versions seen in the manga and anime. The completeness of the Games and Comics proposal will allow you to choose your most loved Keroro model kits dedicated to your favorite characters.

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Your trusted action figure shop is waiting for you to present you all the best action figures and collectibles dedicated to Keroro and many other titles. At Games and Comics you will find unmissable offers dedicated to products available for purchase and to those with the possibility of pre - order , so as not to miss any future releases of your interest and you can also take advantage of our convenience.

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