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Doctor Who: Statues Figures and Gadgets

Doctor Who  is a  British science fiction TV series  broadcast for the first time in 1963, then revived from 2005 always produced and broadcast by the BBC. Doctor Who  is still in production today  . This TV series features an alien who travels through time and explores the universe aboard the  Tardis,  an intelligent machine capable of traveling through space and time.

Doctor Who, even if he is an alien, has the appearance of a human being and calls himself  The Doctor . The  Tardis  is also perfectly set and unrecognizable, in fact, its external appearance is that of a blue box of the English police, common in the sixties.

During the TV series there are continuous adventures and journeys undertaken by  Doctor Who  always accompanied by terrestrial travel companions and his powerful  sonic screwdriver , with which he faces enemies, saves alien and terrestrial civilizations and helps those in difficulty.

Games and Comics  brings you the best  Statue Figures from the Doctor Who  TV Series  . Purchase the   most detailed and fan-sought collectibles from this TV series. Many  gadgets  and other products dedicated to  Doctor Who  and the best-known characters are present on the  Online Shop . You can choose for example,  Amy  Pomp  and  Tardis , the  Doctor Who Statue Figures .

The Big Chief and Pyramid International and Star brands for Doctor Who Statue Figures and gadgets

The  Doctor Who Statue Figures  are available for pre-order on the  Games and Comics Online Shop  and are made by industry-leading brands such as  Big  Chief . So you will have the possibility to always have your favorite characters from the Doctor Who TV series at hand  .

Big Chief and Pyramid International offer a wide range of products from the Doctor Who series. Discover the Amy Pond Cutouts proposed by Star on the Games and Comics Online Shop  , "shaped" in high quality laminated cardboard, inspired by the Doctor Who TV series  .  

On the  Games and Comics Online Shop  you can buy  Tardis -inspired gadgets  such as the Tardis rubber keychain and the 3D Tardis poster on pre   -  order . Many other gadgets from the Doctor Who TV series are available on the  Games and Comics Online Shop : you  will  find everything you need for your personal collection dedicated to Doctor Who!

Visit the Games and Comics Online Shop to discover the entire offer dedicated to Doctor Who

Discover all the  Gadgets  and  Statue Figures  available in the section dedicated to the famous  Doctor Who TV series . Come and take a look at our online catalog to find out about the entire  Games and Comics offer . You will find  collectibles  available for immediate purchase and those available for  pre-order .

Thanks to our  pre-order section  you can stay up to date on future releases dedicated to  Doctor Who . Visit our page often and don't miss any of the  Statue Figures  of characters from the  Doctor Who TV series .

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