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Questa primissima serie comprende il mitico ladro gentiluomo Lupin (alto circa 15cm) e la bomba sexy Fujiko (14cm), ipersnodabili, dettagliatissimi e ricchi di parti intercambiabili.Per eventuali acconti ed ulteriori informazioni, contattateci.

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Lupine III: the gentleman thief

Lupine III is a manga series created by Monkey Punch, a Japanese mangaka, who created the saga dedicated to the gentleman thief inspired by the character of Arsenio Lupine , protagonist of the novels by Maurice Leblanc. This saga has known its great success thanks also to the animated series that tells the adventures of Lupine and his friends intent on carrying out masterful thefts escaping from the clutches of Inspector Zenigata , an Interpol agent. The great fame of this series has led to the creation of films, TV series and of course merchandising and collectibles that immediately attracted the attention of fans of this title. Games and Comicshas, for this reason, decided to create an exclusive section dedicated to everything related to Lupine III .

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Visiting the Shop Online of Games and Comics you'll find a fantastic selection of collectibles dedicated to Lupine III with gadgets such as cups , for that you always have an object that you remember their favorite characters, along with some funny t-shirt depicting Lupine and his gang consisting of Goemon , Fujiko and Jigen . Along with all this you will also find action figures and statues made by Bandai and Infinite Statue that recreate the characters of the series with extreme attention to detail and great realism, as happens in the SH Figuarts series signed by Bandai which offers fantastic figures to complete your collection.

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Your trusted action figure shop is ready to present you a truly unique collection dedicated to Lupine with many products available for immediate purchase and constantly arriving news, which you can ensure at the time of their release thanks to our pre-orders , which allow you to buy collectibles before their release to receive them as soon as they are available.

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