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Digiworld awaits you: discover all the most famous Digimon

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The world of Digimon is boundless and inside it hides fantastic creatures ready to defend and help, or to counter, the Digipreselti, protagonists of the saga.
The concept that gave life to this franchise was devised by Akiyoshi Hongo, a mysterious figure who is actually the pseudonym of three different people: Aki Maita, Hiroshi Izawae Takeichi Hongo, who together created the whole universe of the Digimon in every its detail.
This saga today has 9 different main animated series created since 1999, in each of which you can see a group of kids catapulted to the Digital World and flanked by their Digimon partners in order to protect both the Digital World and the real world from threats coming from every enemy.

The best Digimon model kits chosen for you

From Games and Comics, to celebrate over twenty years since the birth of this franchise you will find incredible proposals created by Bandai, holder of the rights to create the action figures of this title, to satisfy your every desire for a collection linked to the incredible shapes of the Digimon, in every their different Digivolution.

All the model kits that await you, in addition to being faithful reproductions of the digital monsters seen in anime, captured in every detail and particular of their incredible shapes, are easily assembled without the need for glues or colors to complete their figures as they are. want.

Let's now get to know some of the best proposals available on the Games and Comics Online Shop so that you can know the quality and excellence of our offers for your next purchases:

Model kit Digimon Bandai - Garurumon

MetalGarurumon is a mega-level cyborg Digimon, Digivolution of Garurumon, the Digimon with the likeness of a white wolf with blue streaks.
In this highly detailed amplified model kit version that sees it complete with golden wings and all its arsenal of weapons MetalGarurumon expresses all its magnificence with colors and high quality articulated parts that allow you to expose it in the way you prefer, also taking advantage of the 'special pedestal inside the package.

Model kit Digimon Bandai - Dukemon Gallantmon

Gallantmon is a mega-level warrior-type digital monster, WarGrowlmon's Digivolution.
This Digimon has been a partner of three Digipelti during the different series, namely Takato Matsuki, Immortal Brave and Kouta Hirose, accompanying them in the toughest battles and guiding them to victory on every occasion.
This model kit about 15 cm high perfectly pays homage to the character of Dukemon Gallantmon by depicting every detail of him in a masterly way to ensure fans can add to their collections an example identical to the original among their model kits and action figures.
The simplicity of assembly, then, makes this figure even more unique, not to be missed absolutely.

Model kit Digimon Bandai - Wargreymon

Wargreymon is a mega-level dragon man-type Digimon, powerful and fast, this digivolution form of MetalGreymon features armor that varies between gold and silver and is equipped with wings, which it actually also uses as shields to defend itself.
With a height of about 12 cm this highly detailed and mobile figure will allow you to expose this character within your collection in the pose you prefer, simulating the movements of his most famous attacks such as the Solar Force, the Piercing Tornado, the Brave Shield and the Exterminate Dramon.
Secure this pre-order now available on the Games and Comics Online Shop and get ready to receive it as soon as it launches on the market!

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Digiworld awaits you at all times.
Enter it now by visiting our exclusive section dedicated to Digimon and make your collection inimitable by completing it more and more with the unmissable and fantastic Bandai model kits.
Do not forget, then, that by purchasing from Games and Comics you can take advantage of incredible discounts on many products both available for immediate purchase and in pre-order, so as not to miss any output.

Will you really be the next Digiprescelto?
While you wait for your call, complete the collection together with your trusted action figure shop!

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