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Predator: A sci-fi horror saga

Predator is a cinematic saga that tells the story of the alien race Yautja , also known as the Predator , made up of skilled hunters who use advanced technologies to reach their prey. The franchise around this title sees a total of four films in the canonical series, two crossovers with Alien as well as novels, comics and video games developed over the years. Starting with the first film in 1987, the Predator saga has fascinated many fans by receiving several awards. The various events around which the adventures narrated in the various films revolve always see the Predators as protagonistsclash in a bloody way with groups of humans or against Aliens in crossovers. The charm of this saga that has fascinated several generations deserves a dedicated section within the Online Games and Comics Shop , where there are the best action figures and statues dedicated to the characters of the saga and above all to the alien race Yautja .

Statues and action figures of the best brands dedicated to Predator characters

Among the proposals available on your trusted action figure shop you will find collectibles of the most famous brands in the sector such as Neca , Diamond Select , Eaglemoss and Hiya Toys that present the Predators in different ways to allow fans to choose the style and size that the more they adapt to their tastes to embellish the collections in a unique way. Among the proposals presented by Games and Comics you will find, for example, the Predators Blade Fighter Vehicle , Hornhead Predator , Broken Tusk Predator , Machiko , Ultimate City Hunter Predator , Shadow-Snake Predator and many others to discover. Choose your favorite Predator action figures and statues in the section dedicated to this saga.

Visit the Games and Comics Online Shop to choose your favorite action figures

Choose the Online Games and Comics Shop to make your purchases and always have the best collectibles dedicated to Predator and more with you . Many proposals available for purchase or pre-order await you; taking advantage of the offers you can have the best action figures at super affordable prices.

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