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This version of the beloved monster is based on the 2001 movie Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack, a spectacular battle between Godzilla and some of his most famous foes. The figure stands over 15 cm tall, with a head-to-tail measurement of over 30 cm long

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Godzilla and King Kong: the most famous monsters in cinema

Godzilla and King Kong are two of the first kaiju ever created, i.e. monsters typical of Japanese mythology characterized by enormous size and superhuman destructive force. Godzilla and King Kong are two characters seen in numerous films, books, TV series, video games and comics; their first appearances date back to the 1930s for King Kong and the 1950s for Godzilla , which was created following the memory of nuclear power and the damage it had caused. The many appearances of these characters, which took place both on the big screen and in other areas, have also aroused great interest in the world of collecting, which wanted to dedicate action figures to themand series of collectibles of all kinds drawn from the different representations of these kaiju . For this reason Games and Comics has created a section dedicated to these two mythical figures, who have accompanied several generations with exceptional films.

Unique collectibles inspired by the most popular kaiju of cinema

The Online Games and Comics Shop presents different types of collectibles dedicated to these characters, such as action figures , bobbleheads , model kits and statues created by the best brands in the sector such as: Bandai , Banpresto , Funko , Megahouse , Mezco Toys , Neca and Prime 1 Studio among many. The figures of Godzilla and King Kong portray the kaiju taken from their different appearances and in addition to the two protagonists Games and Comics also offers action figures that represent the rivals of the two monsters such as Megalon , Mothra and Rodan , Biollante , Gamera and Octopus throughout their magnificence. The quality and attention to detail of these action figures make them perfect for all fans of these creatures who cannot help but have the incredible Godzilla and King Kong themed collectibles in their collection .

Discover the proposal dedicated to Godzilla and King Kong by Games and Comics

Choose Games and Comics as your trusted action figure shop and you will be able to discover, among the many proposals, the selection of collectibles dedicated to Godzilla, King Kong and the other kaiju appeared in their sagas. Do not miss any of the releases dedicated to the characters of these series thanks to the pre-orders section of the Online Games and Comics Shop that will allow you to stay up to date and to be able to secure your favorite figures by taking advantage of unmissable discounts.

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