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Made with a 2mm hard cardboard cover lined with matte laminated paper, 4-ring binding, elastic closure and personalized interior.Includes a pack of 100 square A4 sheets, a clear plastic bag, 4 polypropylene dividers and a squeeze rod. Measures 32 x 27.5 cm.

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Set including daily diary + 2 Dragon Ball pens by CYP BRANDSComplete gift set with daily notebook. Elastic closure. Horizontal stripe that allows for more comfortable and organized writing. Stay organized by writing down every important event in this daily notebook.

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Buy this Dragon Ball Z lamp created by ABYstyle! Portable LED lamp depicting the famous dragon ball with Goku's 4 stars from the Dragon Ball Z series. Rechargeable battery via micro USB cable included. Dimensions: 19 x 18 x 18 cm

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Dragon Ball: unique collectibles inspired by the most famous characters

Dragon Ball  was born as a manga written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama, published between 1984 and 1995, which includes 42 volumes. This manga that has enjoyed great success over time has seen its transposition in many different fields such as anime, films, card games and much more. The main series in which the saga is divided are  Dragon Ball  and  Dragon Ball Z  which are taken from the story of the manga, and  Dragon Ball GT  and  Dragon Ball Super  which instead were born as a sequel to the story and were created on the wave of the great success of the first two.

The Adventures of  Dragon Ball  tells the story of the  Saiyan warrior Goku  who is sent to Earth as an infant and grows up as a normal earthling training to become a skilled warrior. During the saga,  Goku  together with his friends and his family fights against increasingly stronger enemies to defend the planet Earth and defeat every possible threat.

Collectibles  of all kinds have been produced inspired by the characters that appeared during the adventures of this series; action figures  statues  bobbleheads  model kits  gadgets  and  soft toys  are available on the  Online Games and Comics Shop , depicting all the most famous warriors, including:  Goku  Vegeta  Gohan  Piccolo  Majin Buu  Krillin  Master Roshi  Jiren  Broly  Mr. Satan Chichi  and many others.

Dragon Ball statues, bobbleheads and action figures from the best brands

Bandai  Banpresto  Funko  and  Prime 1 studio  are some of the brands on the  Online Games and Comics Shop  that produce  collectibles inspired by the most famous and beloved  Dragon Ball characters .

Funko  is a brand specialized in the creation of  bobbleheads , in fact its  Funko Pop line  portrays, in 10 cm high figures, many characters in different versions; Prime 1 Studio , on the other hand, creates large-sized statues, up to about 65 cm high, of great quality, taking care of every aspect to create  collectibles  of unique beauty. Bandai  and  Banpresto  create  action figures  statues  and  model kits  of different types and belonging to various series such as  Absolute Chogokin  Figuarts Zero  SH Figuarts  and Master Grade 1/100 .

Discover all the proposals dedicated to  Dragon Ball action figures  and more, for sale on the  Online Games and Comics Shop  to be able to choose your   favorite collectibles .

Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super: discover all the collectibles dedicated to these series

Dragon Ball Z  is probably the most important and loved series of this saga which offers some of the most exciting narrative arcs of this manga and anime, telling of battles against fearsome opponents such as  Raditz  Vegeta  Freeza  Turles  Cell  and  Majin Buu ; based on these epic battles you will find on the  Games and Comics Online Shop  many  collectibles  that portray the characters in their various transformations seen in this series such as  Goku  and   Vegeta  in their Super Saiyan  versions  , or Frieza in his various stages along with Ginyu squad  members as well  with Bandai SH Figuarts  figures   dedicated to  Rikoom  Jeeth  Guldo  and  Burter Dragon Ball Z also explains who Son Goku  's father is   or  Bardock  who you can find in Super Saiyan form on our online catalog. As the story progresses, the enemies that our heroes have to defeat will be increasingly strong and difficult to face and therefore they will have to find new strategies to win, one of these is always told to us in Dragon Ball Z and  they  are  fusions. In this saga we find the fusions between  Goku  and  Vegeta  through the  Potara earrings  and through the  Metamor dance , so as to create respectively  Vegito  and  Gogeta , and the fusions between  Goten  and  Trunks  which will form  Gotrunks ; all these castings are available on our online store in different stages of transformation.

Dragon Ball GT  is a saga released between Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super that chronologically takes place after Dragon Ball Super. It is an official sequel to the Dragon Ball universe but cannot be considered as a canonical series because it is far from the original source material, even if it is supervised by Akira Toriyama. Dragon Ball GT has delighted us with brand new transformations such as  Goku Super Saiyan 4  and  Vegeta Super Saiyan 4 , two beastly, ape-like, extremely strong transformations. To defeat one of the strongest enemies of Dragon Ball Goku and Vegeta were forced to perform a fusion that gave birth to  fourth level Gogeta Super Saiyan . All these new transformations need an action figure suited to their power in fact, on the  Online Games and Comics Shop  you can find them in different poses.

The new  Dragon Ball Super series  has also been very successful and the new  Super Saiyan God transformations  and all the new characters presented are very popular and for this reason Games and Comics offers  statues  action figures  plush toys  and many other  collectibles  both available for purchase immediate and with the possibility of  pre-ordering , with products from the best brands such as Bandai which present, for example,  Jiren  Zamasu  Son Goku Ultra Instinct  Vegetto  in God version,  Gogeta Super Saiyan God  Zeno Hit  and  Beerus  and many other characters from this series.

The Dragon Ball Super Heroes movie  , released in 2022 had a great success and showed us how far the power of  Gohan  and  Junior  can go thanks to their two new transformations which are  Gohan Beast  and  Orange Piccolo  two monstrous forces that do not stop in front nothing, two wonderful transformations and their respective  action figures  are no less. Our heroes had to clash against extremely strong enemies, namely,  Gamma 1  and  Gamma 2 , you can find the action figures dedicated to them on our online store.

Visit the Online Games and Comics Shop to discover all the collectibles dedicated to Dragon Ball

The  Games and Comics Online Shop  offers a wide selection of items dedicated to the world of  Dragon Ball , from  collectibles  to  gadgets  to  plush toys , with products both available for immediate purchase and with the possibility of  pre-ordering  to ensure future releases of the  collectibles  of which you can't do without for your collection. Discover now all the active offers on our  Online Shop .

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