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DC Essentials is a line of 1:10 scale action figures based on DC characters with universal appeal, accessible to both longtime collectors and those just starting out, which delivers authentic detail from a company with two decades' experience creating high-quality action figures.

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Superman action figures, statues and much more

Superman is a character from the DC Universe created in 1933 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, published by DC Comics for the first time in 1938; is the first superhero in the history of comics . Superman's human name is Clark Kent , but this superhero comes from the planet Krypton and his real name is Kal-El ; Superman is a point of reference when it comes to superheroes for his charisma and his charm, which is why he is one of the most loved ever.

Superman is the protector of the city of Metropolis in many of its sagas and often stands as the defender of planet earth against extraterrestrial threats. Superman's powers derive from his absorption of the radiation of the stars that hit him; for example the red sun of Rao and the star of Krypton do not give him any special ability, instead the Sun of the earth gives him incredible powers that allow him to become almost invincible. Super strength, flight, X-ray vision, freezing breath and super hearing are just some of the powers Superman has and uses during his battles against fearsome enemies.

Games and Comics has created a section specifically for collectibles depicting Superman in all his versions. Action figures, bobble heads, gadgets, soft toys, board games and statues are some of the types of products that you will find on our Online Shop and dedicated to this character. You just have to discover them all.

Discover all the brands that have created products dedicated to Superman

Dc Collectibles, Diamond Select, Funko, Kotobukiya, McFarlane, Square Enix , Neca and Prime 1 Studio are some of the most important brands in the collectible industry that reproduce Superman as one of their subjects in action figure series such as Play Arts Kay and Diamond Gallery. .

Many depictions of Superman in different versions are waiting for you, your every wish will be fulfilled given the wide choice of sizes, costumes and colors of the collectibles . Choose your favorites to enrich your DC Universe collection.

Visit the Games and Comics Online Shop to select your favorite Superman collectibles

By visiting the Online Shop you will find many collectibles dedicated to Superman available for purchase and that you can have by taking advantage of the incredible offers of Games and Comics . Thanks also to our pre-orders section it will be possible to stay up to date on future releases and have the opportunity to secure your favorite figures by also using dedicated discounts. Trust the efficiency and professionalism of Games and Comics to buy your favorite Superman action figures.

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