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Breaking Bad: Bobble head figures and gadgets

Breaking Bad  is an American TV series that aired from 2008 to 2013 created by Vince Gilligan and broadcast by AMC. Even today Breaking Bad is considered one of the most important and innovative TV series ever made. Among other things, it has given rise to many spin-offs of the original series, among the most famous  the film El Camino and the TV series Better call Saul .  

Breaking Bad tells the life of Walter White, an Albuquerque chemistry professor suffering from incurable lung cancer, and Jesse Pinkman, his former student turned drug dealer. Walter White, driven by his health and economic problems and by a strong feeling of revenge, begins to produce methamphetamine together with Jesse Pinkman: the product,  the  blue  sky , proves to be of the highest quality with a purity of 99.1.

In the course of the TV series, continuous misfortunes follow one another against the two protagonists. Walter White  faces many family problems: his nosy wife Skyler, his son Walter Junior suffering from cerebral palsy and in particular his brother-in-law Hank agent of the DEA. Even  Jesse Pinkman  is forced to face many personal problems such as drug addiction and the overdose death of his beloved Jane.

Games and Comics has selected for you the best Bobble Head Figures from the TV Series Breaking Bad and Better call Saul to offer you the most detailed and fan-sought collectibles of these TV series. Many products dedicated to Breaking Bad and the best known characters are present on the Online Shop. Among the many you find for example  Hector Salamanca and Saul Goodman . Plus, all Breaking Bad Bobble Head Figures are  highly detailed reproductions .

Royal Bobbles and Pyramid International brands for Breaking Bad Bobble Heat Figures and gadgets

The  Breaking Bad Bobble  Head Figures  available on the Online Games and Comics Shop through pre-order are made by leading brands in the sector. Their collectibles are synonymous with quality and beauty. Thanks to their meticulous reproduction of every detail , the characters seen in the TV series have been perfectly recreated  .

Royal Bobbles and Pyramid International  offer a wide range of products from the Breaking Bad TV series and from different series such as Better Caul Saul or El Camino. Discover the Breaking Bad Bobble Head Figures proposed by Royal Bobbles, these resin "big heads" can be ordered.     

Other gadgets from the Breaking  Bad and Better Call Saul TV series are also available on the Games and Comics Online Shop   , including mugs or t-shirts for your collection.

Visit the Games and Comics Online Shop to discover the entire offer dedicated to Breaking Bad

Discover all the gadgets and products available in the section dedicated to  Breaking  Bad  and Better call Saul . Come and see all the Games and Comics offer on collectibles! Find those available for immediate purchase and those in pre-order.

Thanks to our pre-order section you can always stay updated on future releases dedicated to Breaking Bad, so as not to miss any of the Bobble Head Figures of the characters belonging to the Breaking Bad TV series. Come and take a look at the  Games and Comics Online Store  !

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