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Sword Art Online - Action Figures, Statues and Collectibles

Sword Art Online follows the adventures of Kirito and other players trapped in a virtual MMORPG . When players discover that they are unable to log out and that death in the game means death in real life, they must band together to survive and overcome the dangers around them. Between intrigue, friendship and fights for survival, this exciting series explores the implications of virtual reality and the courage needed to face the most difficult challenges. Discover the wide range of Sword Art Online action figures , statues and collectibles available on

The best collectibles dedicated to Sword Art Online characters produced by Good Smile Company, Banpresto, Furyu and many others

From faithful reproductions by Good Smile Company , Banpresto and Furyu of your favorite characters like Kirito and Asuna to detailed statues that capture the essence of this beloved universe, you'll find everything you need to expand your collection . Take advantage of our special offers and add a touch of virtual adventure to your real life with our high-quality products.

Discover all the offers dedicated to Sword Art Online action figures

Visit the Games and Comics Online Shop to choose your favorite collectibles and take advantage of the promotions dedicated to many Sword Art Online action figures portraying the protagonists. Trust Games and Comics as your trusted action figure shop and you will be able to ensure the best collectibles dedicated to many sagas of different genres and styles.

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