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Order now Hades, King of the Underworld, in his new human form, by Bandai Saint Cloth Myth EX! Faithfully reproduces his on-screen appearance from the anime, this figure is based on a newly-developed EX-METAL main body

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Action figures, statues, board games and gadgets dedicated to Flash

The Flash is a character belonging to the DC Universe and created in 1940 by Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert. Flash is a character who has the ability to move seven times faster than the speed of light as a superpower, which also affects his other abilities such as accelerated healing, super reflexes and the ability to control his own molecules thus being able to cross the what's this. In the course of the stories told by DC Comics, four different characters appear that take the name of Flash. the first is Jay Garrick , a student who inhales the gases of heavy water and thus gains his powers. Later another Flash alter ego isBarry Allen a chemist who is struck by lightning and acquires superpowers and later to take the place of the Flash are Wally West and Bart Allen .

Flash is a founding member of the Justice Society of America and is part of the Justice League . In some of his versions he also participates in the adventures of Young Justice and Teen Titans . Games and Comics has created for fans of DC Comics sprinters a special section containing figures dedicated to Flash and his most famous enemies such as Reverse Flash, Zoom and Captain Cold (Leonard Snart). The Online Games and Comics shop offers you different types of products such as action figures, board games, gadgets, soft toys and statues made by the best brands to ensure products with a high level of detail that will satisfy even the most demanding fans.

Discover all the brands that have dedicated fantastic figures to Flash

In the section dedicated to Flash , only products from the best brands have been selected to give the lovers of this character only high quality figures.

Among the brands chosen you will find Bandai, DC Collectibles, Diamond Select, Hot Toys, Kotobukiya and Prime 1 Studio, some of the most well-known brands in the sector. Games and Comics gives you the possibility to choose between figures depicting The Flash of different types, in different versions and sizes, to let you add your favorites to the collection. Do not miss the opportunity to buy the best action figures depicting Flash on Shop Online Games and Comics .

Visit the Games and Comics Online Shop to choose your favorite Flash action figures

Many different collectibles are waiting for you on the Games and Comics Online Shop, both available for purchase and pre - order . Games and Comics puts at your disposal the possibility to preorder your favorite Flash figures so as to make sure you receive them when they come out, also taking advantage of incredible dedicated discounts.

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