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Discover all the themes selected by Games and Comics for the statues

Games and Comics has selected for you the statues depicting the characters of many different series, taken from the titles of the most famous sagas of recent times that have fascinated and conquered millions of fans around the world.

Cinema , TV series and cartoons , comics , manga and anime , video games are some of the themes dedicated to our fantastic statues . On our Online Shop you will find statues dedicated to Star Wars , Berserk , Mazinger , Batman , Deadpool and other titles. Discover them all by visiting our statues section .

The best brands and the most famous series for the statues on our Online Shop

Our Online Shop offers the best brands and the most famous series available which every collector cannot do without. Bandai , Banpresto , Diamond Select , Enesco , Infinite Statue , Iron Studios , Kotobukiya , the Noble Collection and Weta are among the main producers of statues on the market, which each year offer incredible representations of the most iconic characters drawn from the most loved sagas.

These brands represent the excellence of the production of statues such as Banpresto which reproduces the main characters from manga and anime such as Dragon Ball , One Piece , Ultraman , My Hero Academia and Saint Seiya with great attention to detail and portraying them in the poses that they made them famous.

To accurately select your favorite statues you can, as well as search by choosing from your favorite brands, enter even more specifically and view the different series in which the statues are divided such as Figuarts Zero by Bandai , which offers as main subjects characters taken from manga and Japanese anime , and above all depicts various Figuarts Zero One Piece statues ; among those available on Games and Comics you will find the most important protagonists of the One Piece saga such as the members of the crew of Monkey D. Luffy , better known as Straw Hat , including Usop , Zoro , Sanji , Nami , Nico Robin , Chopper .

Or, for lovers of Marvel and Dc characters , the Diamond Select Gallery series is available which mainly produces superheroes and villains of the two most famous universes inhabited by people with superpowers, but not only; in fact, you will also find statues of IT Pennywise , The Night Before Christmas , Star Wars , Predator and other titles. Discover now all the magnificent statues selected by Games and Comics to meet your every need.

Trust the experience and quality of Games and Comics to expand your collection of statues

Games and comics is proposed as your trusted Online Shop for the purchase of statues , action figures and other collectables that you cannot do without to feed your passion. Trust the efficiency and convenience of Games and Comics to comfortably receive the statues you prefer at home .

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