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Dragon Ball: unique collectibles inspired by the most famous characters

Dragon Ball was born as a manga written and drawn by Akira Toriyama, published between 1984 and 1995, which includes 42 volumes. This manga that has enjoyed great success over time has seen its transposition into many different areas such as anime, movies, card games and much more. The main series in which the saga is divided are Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z which are drawn from the history of the manga, and Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super which instead arise as a sequel to the story and were created on the wave of the great success of the first two.

The adventures of Dragon Ball tell the story of the Saiyan warrior Goku who is sent to Earth as a baby and grows up like a normal earthling, training to become a skilled warrior. During the saga, Goku along with his friends and family fights against increasingly strong enemies to defend the planet Earth and defeat every possible threat.

Collectibles of all kinds have been produced inspired by the characters that appeared during the adventures of this series; action figures , statues , bobbleheads , model kits , gadgets and plushies are available on the Games and Comics Online Shop , depicting all the most famous warriors, including: Goku , Vegeta , Gohan , Piccolo , Majin Buu , Krillin , Master Roshi , Jiren , Broly , Mr Satan , Chichi and many others.

Statues, bobbleheads and Dragon Ball action figures of the best brands

Bandai , Banpresto , Funko and Prime 1 studio are some of the brands on the Online Games and Comics Shop that produce collectibles inspired by the most famous and loved Dragon Ball characters .

Funko is a brand specialized in the creation of bobbleheads , in fact its Funko Pop line portrays, in 10 cm high figures, many characters in different of their versions; Prime 1 Studio , on the other hand, creates large-sized statues, up to about 65 cm high, of great quality, taking care of every aspect to create collectibles with unique beauty. Bandai and banpresto create action figures , statues and model kits of different types and belonging to various series such as Absolute Chogokin , Figuarts Zero , SH Figuarts and Master Grade 1/100 .

Discover all the proposals dedicated to Dragon Ball action figures and not only for sale on the Online Games and Comics Shop to be able to choose your favorite collectibles .

Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super: discover all the collectibles dedicated to these series

Dragon Ball Zee is probably the most important and beloved series of this saga which offers some of the most exciting narrative arcs of this manga and anime, telling of the clashes against fearsome opponents such as Vegeta , Freeza , Cell and Majin Buu ; on the basis of these epic battles you'll find on the Shop Online of Games and Comics many collectible versions of characters in their various views transformations in this series as Goku and Vegeta in their versions Super Sayan , or Freezer in its various stages also together with the members of the team Ginew with Bandai SH Figuarts figures dedicated to Rikoom , Jeeth , Guldo and Burter .

The new Dragon Ball Super series has also been a great success and the new Super Sayan God transformations and all the new characters presented are much loved and for this Games and Comics offers statues , action figures , soft toys and many other collectibles both available for purchase. immediate and with the possibility of pre - order , with products from the best brands such as Bandai which present for example, Jiren , Son Goku Ultra Instinct , Vegetto in God version, Gogeta Super Sayan God , Zeno and Beerus and many other characters from this series.

Visit the Online Games and Comics Shop to discover all the collectibles dedicated to Dragon Ball

The Online Games and Comics Shop offers a wide selection of items dedicated to the world of Dragon Ball , from collectibles to gadgets to soft toys , with products both available for immediate purchase and with the possibility of pre - ordering to ensure the future releases of the collectibles of which you can't do without for your collection. Discover now all the active offers on our Online Shop .

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