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My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is a manga by Kohei Horikoshi started in 2014 and still in publication today.
This series is set in a universe where superheroes are the norm and many people possess powers, called Quirks , always different from each other except in rare cases. The world is then divided into hero , or people who use their powers for good and villain , that is, those who make a selfish and evil use of their potential. Different types of powers are present within this world, characterizing the characters who possess them and making each personality seen throughout the story unique. The protagonist of the saga is Izuku Midoriya, a boy without powers, inspired by the exploits of All Might , the greatest superhero in the world, who struck by his perseverance will give him his power, making him a superhero in all respects and allowing him to attend the prestigious school for superheroes: high school Yuuei. On Shop Online for Games and Comics will find many collectable dedicated to this saga with reproductions of the most famous and well known in many different versions.

The best collectibles dedicated to your favorite heroes

The collection selected for you by Games and Comics offers a huge offer among the collectibles of the best brands such as Bandai , Banpresto , First4figures , Funko , Good Smile Company , Kotobukiya and Semic which presented some of their creations dedicated to the characters of My Hero Academia as All Might , Izuku Midoriya , Katsugi Bakugo and many others. In addition to the main characters of the series, some secondary figures and villains are also present in the proposal on our Online Shop such as Kurogiri , Himiko Toga , Ochaco Uraraka , Endeavor , Todoroki Shoro and Tsuyu Asui . Choose your favorite action figures and statues and embellish your collection right away.

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The Shop Online for Games and Comics is ready to introduce special themes for your purchases with many proposals available for purchase immediately and others with the possibility of pre-order , allowing him to have at your disposal also the best future releases will not miss. Choose your trusted action figure shop for your purchases and you can take advantage of an unbeatable convenience.

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