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Hololive Production

Hololive Production is a virtual YouTuber agency created by Cover Corporation.
Launched in 2017 for the Cover 3D streaming app under the name Hololive and later used by the agency of first generation female VTubers , who later merged with the male Holostars , becoming Hololive Production and creating a true star agency virtual. Taking inspiration from the famous Hatsune Miku , iconic characters such as Minato Aqua , Usada Pekora , Akai Haato would then be born . On the  Games  and  Comics Online Shop  you can find many  collectibles  dedicated to this saga with reproductions of the most famous and well-known characters in many different versions.

The best collectibles dedicated to your favorite characters

The collection selected for you by  Games and Comics  offers a vast offer of  collectibles  from the best brands such as  BandaiBanprestoFirst4figuresFunkoGood Smile CompanyKotobukiya  and  Semic  which presented some of their creations dedicated to Hololive Production characters such as Minato Aqua , Usada Pekora , Akai Haato and many others. In addition to the main characters of the series, some secondary figures are also present in the proposal on our  Online Shop  such as Tokino Sora, Amane Kanata, Ayunda Risu and Inugami Korone . Choose your  favorite action figures  and  statues  and immediately embellish your collection.

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The  Games and Comics Online Shop  is ready to present you with unmissable offers for your purchases with many proposals available for immediate purchase and others with the possibility of  pre-ordering  ,  thus allowing you to have the best future releases at your disposal that you don't want to miss. Choose your   trusted action figure shop for your purchases and you will be able to take advantage of unbeatable convenience.

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