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Mezco Toys is an action figure manufacturer founded in 2000 by Michael Markowitz, who manages and takes care of every aspect of design and development of all the brand's products. Thanks to the original licenses it has managed to obtain over the years, Mezco Toyz has enjoyed great success creating cult series of collectibles such as Living Dead Dolls and One:12 Collective, two of the brand's flagship series that include many horror action figures of very high quality.

The section dedicated to Mezco Toys figures present on the Online Games and Comics Shop offers a wide collection of action figures taken from titles such as Ghost Rider, Don't Open That Door, Lord Of Tears, The Night Warriors, The Assassin Doll, IT, Saw , The Summoning, The Shining, Nightmare, Friday the 13th and Breaking Bad as well as characters from the Marvel and DC Comics universes.

Discover the offer dedicated to Mezco Toys action figures

By visiting the Games and Comics Online Shop you will be able to discover incredible action figures dedicated to many different sagas with unique collectibles that recreate the portrayed characters with great attention to detail and maniacal care, allowing fans to immerse themselves completely inside their favorite stories thanks to these fantastic figures.

Together with horror action figures inspired by characters such as Leatherface, IT Pennywise, Chucky, Jack Torrance and Freddy Krueger, Mezco Toys also offers many action figures of Marvel and DC Comics characters such as Doctor Fate, Wonder Woman, Cable, Cyclope, Two Faces, Thanos , Joker, Aquaman, Iron Fist and others belonging to the most iconic series of Mezco Toys such as One:12 Collective and Living Dead Dolls.

Games and Comics now presents some Mezco Toys proposals on the Online Shop dedicated to the best horror action figures of this brand:

IT Pennywise - Mezco Designers Series

Mezco Toys within its Mezco Designers Series presents a fantastic action figure dedicated to the most terrible clown in cinema, IT Pennywise, here portrayed reproducing the clown seen in the 1990 television miniseries.
This action figure about 15 cm high presents IT impeccably depicted, recreating the clown with a style that is very faithful to the original. The package also contains various elements with which to customize your own figures such as the inevitable balloons, as well as a monstrous hand and face to allow Pennywise to express its different states.

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Jason Voorhees - Friday 13 Living Dead Dolls

Games and Comics presents the Jason Voorhees figure taken from the film Friday the 13th part II directly from the Living Dead Dolls series by Mezco Toys.
The deluxe edition of this action figure contains a 25 cm high figure, with 5 points of articulation that allow it to be positioned as you prefer; also, in the package there are an ice ax and the mummified head of Jason's mother.
This Jason Voorhees depiction features perfectly manicured fabric clothing, as well as a head sack that can be removed at will to show the character's face.

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Leatherface - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre One:12 Collective

Directly from the film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, for the One:12 Collective serie, here is Leatherface, represented here in a masterful action figure with lots of interchangeable parts and additional objects used by the character during the film.
This hyper-detailed version of Leatherface, taken from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Don't Open That Door) movie, stands approximately 6 '' tall and features cloth clothing, including an apron and jacket that can be worn at will to recreate the way in which are worn by the character in the film and based on the matching mask. Among the objects in the package, in fact, there are also 3 different faces as well as 4 pairs of hands and numerous other gadgets.

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Action figures, along with bobble heads, model kits, statues and much more await you on your trusted action figure shop to give you the collectibles dedicated to your favorite characters you've always wanted.

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