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Order now Hades, King of the Underworld, in his new human form, by Bandai Saint Cloth Myth EX! Faithfully reproduces his on-screen appearance from the anime, this figure is based on a newly-developed EX-METAL main body

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With board games we mean a type of games that require a well-defined surface of use, called a board or board, within which the pieces, or counters, that make up the game move, as many of you already know very well.
The world of board games is almost infinite and includes many different genres and styles, taking inspiration from the most famous and passionate sagas drawn from every landscape.

For this reason, the Games and Comics Online Shop has collected for you some of the most intriguing and captivating proposals in the world of board games with game rules and simulations that will make all board game lovers fall in love.

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The exclusive section dedicated to Games and Comics board games features many of the most famous and popular board games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Icons of the Realms, Heroclix, Cthulhu, Star Wars and many others related to the fantasy world; instead, more classic and also suitable for the little ones you will find the Allegro Chirurgo, Pierino the Porcupine, Pantalone the Plumber Pasticcione, Cocco Dentista and many others.
The world of board games embraces many fans and allows you to spend time having fun in company, in total carefree and, of course, also feeding the competitive spirit of each, creating challenges and goals to be achieved with all one's strength and one's own. ingenuity.

Here are some of the latest news that you can find on our Online Shop, ready to fill your days to the sound of dice rolls and checkers movements:

Dark Soul - The Board Game

Taken from the video game that has been a great success, Dark Soul, here is the strategic board game dedicated to this title.
Based on combat and exploration, this challenging game system has between 1 and 4 players and offers the possibility of using an incredible variety of selectable characters and environments to explore, full of monsters, treasures and fearsome opponents.
An innovative gameplay mechanic allows you to have a very fast initial set-up, to immediately immerse yourself in the game, discovering dungeons and breathtaking fights.

Zombicide - Invader

Zombicide is now a must-have for all lovers of this genre of games, thanks to its numerous versions that allow you to experience incredible adventures.
Now we want to introduce you to the Invader version, dedicated to a swarm of infected aliens ready to destroy everything they encounter; you will have to ally with the other characters to reach the common objectives, in the meantime defeating as many Xeno aliens as possible, using up every resource you can recover.
Try this board game now and you will discover a simple regulation and a fast and adrenaline-pumping mechanic that will make you have fun with your friends!

Harry Potter - Miniature Adventure Game

Here is another title of great charm, dedicated to one of the most famous and well-known wizards in the world.
The Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game is a multiplayer board game where each player controls their own group, or faction, of miniatures made up of wizards and witches with the aim of achieving goals and completing challenges to become the winner.
Spells, potions, artifacts and more from the world created by J.K. Rowling is featured in this addicting game of finely finished resin miniatures.
Get ready to live your magical adventure by lining up alongside your favorite characters.

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