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DC Collectibles: discover the action figures dedicated to Batman

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DC Collectibles is a division of DC Comics that deals exclusively with the production of action figures and statues representing the characters of the universe with some of the most beloved superheroes in history.
Games and Comics offers on the Online Shop an incredible series of Batman action figures depicting the bat man in many of his different versions taken from films, TV series, cartoons and comics with different costumes and poses.
By visiting our action figure shop you can discover all the proposals both available for purchase and pre-order, to guarantee you the possibility of receiving your favorite collectibles at the time of release, also taking advantage of discounts on many pre-order products.

The best superheroes represented alongside Batman by DC Collectibles

Together with Batman, DC Collectibles also offers many other superheroes belonging to the DC Universe who have taken part in the various sagas of this franchise, such as in the animated series Batman Animated which sees many depictions of characters in various costumes, such as Firefly, Nightwing and Scarecrow .

On the Online Shop in the section dedicated to DC Collectibles you will also find superheroes, antagonists and secondary characters seen in the various series such as: Captain Cold, Constantine, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Katana, Superman, Joker, Black Adam, Black Manta, Arrow, Deadman, Mera, Swamp Thing, Harley Quinn, Lex Luthor, Black Canary, Sinestro, Catwoman, Batgirl and many more from DC Comics.

Games and Comics now presents some of its proposals dedicated to this brand that see different versions and sets of Batman, depicted with numerous styles, but always with great attention to detail and the smallest details.

DC Essentials Justice League 6-pack

The DC Essentials series presents within its proposal a set of 6 characters belonging to the Justice League with Acquaman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Superman, Batman and Green Lantern.
All the characters in this set have a height of about 17 cm and, like all DC Collectibles action figures, have a great articulation that allows you to expose the characters within your collection by positioning them as you prefer and joining them in the characteristic formation of the Justice League.

ORDER NOW DC Essentials Justice League 6-pack ACTION FIGURES

DC Essentials Batman Rebirth version 2

Following the events that took place in Flashpoint, the continuity of the DC Universe has been reset and this Batman action figure signed by DC Collectibles is a representation of the 2 Rebirth version of Batman in his most classic costume.
This figure that appears inside the classic DC Collectibles blister is 17 cm high and with its numerous points of articulation allows it to be placed in many different poses, thus assuming many of the most iconic positions of this character seen during his battles.

ORDER NOW DC Essentials Batman Rebirth version 2 ACTION FIGURE

DC Essentials DCeased Batman

Taken from the popular comic series DCeased, this is the zombie version of Batman, incredibly articulated and with great posability, which incorporates the character of the comic in every characteristic detail.
This figure is available for pre-order on our Online Shop with release scheduled for January 2021; always belonging to this series Games and Comics also offers other characters in DCeased version such as Aquaman, Green Lantern, Joker, Flash, Harley Queen, Supergirl and Superman.

ORDER NOW DC Essentials DCeased Batman ACTION FIGURE

Games and Comics offers many offers dedicated to Batman action figures

Discover the entire proposal dedicated to Batman action figures on the Online Games and Comics Shop to choose the collectibles dedicated to this superhero and other characters belonging to the DC Universe with figures with unique details.

Lots of action figures available for purchase and pre-order await you on our Online Shop to satisfy your every desire, even more so in this period. With the holidays approaching, in fact, we are always looking for winning and innovative gift ideas to amaze loved ones, for this reason Games and Comics offers many collectibles together with action figures, such as bobbleheads, statues and gadgets of all kinds to satisfy your requests and offer you nice and funny gifts.

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