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2021 has begun and many new collectibles have already been launched on the market with unmissable news and proposals with incredible charm. In this article, we will focus on talking about bobble heads and which are the trendiest brands and series in this new year.

First, let's know which are the main brands that make this type of collectibles with different styles and shapes, aimed at enhancing some aspects of their shapes often made in super deformed version, to create unique effects.
Neca, Royal Bobbles and Funko are the three leading producers of bobbleheads present on the Games and Comics Online Shop, able to create series of figures with timeless charm, which have won millions of fans around the world.

Neca, Funko and Royal Bobbles - all the bobbleheads you could wish for

Each of this brand has peculiarities that make it unique such as, for example, Neca with its bobblheads dedicated to Marvel characters, DC Comics and many other sagas that have a simple design, portrayed with great care, enhancing the peculiar traits of each protagonist. and always giving great importance to the head, the main characteristic of head knockers.
Furthermore, in recent times Neca has launched a new innovative line of products with the Solar Body Knockers, a series of figures powered by solar-charged batteries designed to allow the character to "dance" non-stop, thanks only to contact with the light. creating tireless, charming and cute figures, as in the case of Baby Groot Stereo.

Royal Bobbles, on the other hand, focuses its bobbleheads on famous characters and some protagonists of films and TV series such as The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, Hannibal Lecter and Halloween with figures with a very high level of detail and details that reflect the characters in their peculiarities main, enhancing every feature.

Finally, on our Online Shop there are several series of Funko Pop, the bobbleheads of the moment, able to range in many different areas with constantly coming out of titles such as The Goonies, Godzilla vs Kong, G.I. Joe, Dracula, The Mummy, Marvel Infinty Warps, Fast and Furious; these are just some of the recent releases available for pre-order, plus about 200 other figures to choose from, dedicated to immortal sagas such as Star Wars, Game of Thrones, The Simpons, One Piece and many others to discover.

Bobble head Funko Pop Fortnite - Miaoscolo

One of the bosses of Fortnite season 2, Miaoscolo, a sweet and muscular character, against whom the players of this video game will have fought many times.
Funko portrays for its Pop! Series Fortnite this character with the classic style of him; Approximately 11cm tall, this super detailed and colorful bobbleheads shows Miaoscolo flaunting his sculpted muscles in a stout pose.

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Bobble head Neca - Baby Groot Stereo

An absolute novelty, after the fantastic head knockers, Neca presents the new series of body knockers of solar battery figures that dance non-stop in the sunlight.
This incredible figure portrays Baby Groot, taken from the Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, sitting on a stereo that won't allow him to stop dancing at any time.
This fantastic new idea by Neca is made with a very high level of detail that incorporates the original in every detail making it truly realistic.

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Bobble head Funko Pop The Simpsons - Devil Ned Flanders

Taken from one of the episodes of the series Threehouse of Horror by the Simpons, which every year recur for the Halloween party with special episodes in which the normal characters play special roles, here is Ned Flanders who plays the devil himself, taken from Threehouse of Horror IV.
This Funko Pop bobblehead portrays the devil Ned with his ever-present glasses, faun tail and legs, transforming the angelic Mr. Flanders into an evil and domineering figure with fantastic finishes.

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Bobble head Royal Bobbles - Stan Lee

The creator of the incredible Marvel Universe along with Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, Stan Lee is an iconic figure for all lovers of the superhero world and beyond.
Here portrayed in a magnificent work by Royal Bobbles in all his sympathy and self-irony, with a resin bobblehead version about 20 cm high; the pose recalls the classic spider web shooting move of Spiderman, who has always been one of Stan Lee's most loved characters.
A figure not to be missed for any reason within his Marvel collection, given the value this character has added to the universe of superheroes, making him probably the most famous ever.

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Have you already chosen your favorites?

The best bobbleheads Funko Pop, Royal Bobbles and Neca are waiting to be discovered on the Games and Comics Online Shop to allow you to choose the ones you cannot do without for your collection and always have with you collectibles of great trend and absolute quality to make your bobblehead collection even more unique.
A very wide selection is ready to satisfy your every request thanks to the presence of bobbleheads taken from the best titles and sagas you could wish for.
Buy now and you can take advantage of unmissable promotions on many proposals chosen for you.

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