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Enesco Disney: the statues dedicated to the most loved characters

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Enesco is an English company that produces gift items; thanks to the numerous production licenses it has acquired over time, it has managed to create unique items that quickly entered the elite of quality for statues and dioramas.

Among the exclusive licenses of Enesco we find very important names such as Disney, Harry Potter, DC Comics, Peppa Pig and many others, in order to be able to satisfy fans with very different needs. A large audience admires the quality and reliability of the Enesco brand which with each release offers unique pieces, with a very high level of detail and an innovative design.

The Enesco statues are mainly made of resin and vinyl, two extremely modelable materials that allow you to create incredibly detailed figures that you cannot help but add to your collection.

Discover all the characters to whom the Enesco statues and dioramas are dedicated to choose the best.

Discover all the news regarding Disney Enesco statues

Enesco offers only the highest quality statues from which to choose your favorites in order to add pieces of absolute value to your collection with incredible novelties and new releases that will meet the tastes of even the most demanding collectors.

Some of the subjects represented by Enesco are part of the most famous Disney sagas such as The Little Mermaid, Winnie The Pooh, Nightmare Before Christmas, Maleficent, Jessica Rabbit, Mulan, Scooby Doo, 101 Dalmatians, Aladdin and more. The most iconic characters from these Disney animated films and series will transport you into your favorite adventures allowing you to live a unique experience.

Instead, for lovers of more animated stories and fantasy implications there are characters belonging to the Harry Potter saga such as Severus Snape, Minerva McGonagall, Albus Dumbledore and others, available for purchase or pre-order on the Online Games and Comics Shop.

For those who are fond of superheroes like Batman and Superman, the statues dedicated to DC Comics are an ideal choice to expand their collection given the quality of the reproductions and the attention to detail.

Discover all the Enesco statues and dioramas dedicated to Disney, DC Comics and Harry Potter characters. Stay up to date on news thanks to the pre-orders section available on the Games and Comics Online Shop.

Enesco Disney Rapunzel - Miss Mindy Statue

Enesco joins Sideshow to give life to an incredible statue born from the inspiration of the artist Miss Mindy, who has created a fantastic statue depicting Rapunzel which hides inside a small diorama with her on a boat together with Prince Eugene Fitzherbert.

The statue is made of resin, in order to ensure a perfect realization and a high level of detail, as well as an impeccable coloring; the measures of the statue are 25x13x13 cm, a volume that guarantees a perfect visualization of the details even inside the diorama.

ORDER NOW Enesco Disney Rapunzel - Miss Mindy STATUE

Enesco Disney Little Mermaid - Ariel ed Eric diorama Statue

The artist Jim Shore has created a unique diorama with Enesco that has a shell as a background in which Ariel and Eric are represented in the foreground sitting on the rocks with Sebastian and Flounder at their side, while in the background you can appreciate the Atlantica castle , King Triton, the sea witch Ursula and her eels.

In this resin diorama all the main characters of the film the Little Mermaid are perfectly represented in a unique and fascinating way.
Don't miss out on this incredible statue available for purchase on the Games and Comics Online Shop.

ORDER NOW Enesco Disney LITTLE MERMAID - Ariel ed Eric diorama STATUE

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Discover all the Enesco statues immediately available for purchase on the Online Games and Comics Shop to choose your favorites to add to a truly original collection.
Stay up to date on future releases thanks to our pre-orders section that will give you the opportunity to preview future releases by offering you the guarantee of receiving the statues you like most at the time of their release, also taking advantage of the dedicated discounts from Games and Comics to many products.

Enesco is an English brand that has been satisfying the demands of its fans for years with unique designs, which cannot be missed in the collections of the most avid fans.
Don't miss the chance to buy those that portray your favorite characters; rely on the quality of Enesco production to enrich your Disney collection and more.

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