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From Games and Comics you will always find the best news dedicated to collectibles, so today we want to talk about the Star Wars action figures and all the figures dedicated to the sci-fi world of Star Wars with masterful reproductions of the most famous characters of this immortal saga.

Star Wars sees its genesis in 1977 with the release of the film Star Wars, which then with the continuation of the saga will take the name of episode IV - a new hope, and to date it has nine films belonging to the main saga, that of the Skywalker , and an ever-growing number of spin-off films and TV series that narrate the most disparate adventures that have occurred in the various centuries of this incredible universe.

What will you find at Games and Comics?

The Games and Comics Online Shop has a very large section dedicated to Star Wars action figures and all the collectibles dedicated to this saga, with characters, objects and spaceships taken from films, TV series and animated series that have been created over the years. years.
In addition to the action figures you will find statues, bobble heads, busts, gadgets, model kits, plush toys, board games, replicas and Star Wars mugs to satisfy your every desire; the best brands have created truly unmissable figures dedicated to characters such as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Yoda, Palpatine, Qui Gonn Jin, Lando Calrissian, C-3PO, R2-D2, Darth Vader and many other traits from the main saga, together to the characters seen in the most recent trilogy of Star Wars and to those of the TV series The Mandalorian with Baby Yoda, Rey, Din Djarin, Ben Solo and Moff Gideon, for example.

Bandai, Hasbro, Hot Toys, Funko, SD Toys, Kotobukiya and many other brands are constantly creating brand new figures to be discovered, which you can find on our Online Shop to not miss any release dedicated to this saga.

These are just some of the latest news that you can find from Games and Comics, let's find out now together:

Diamond Select statue Star Wars - The Child with hover pram

Preorder on our Online Shop is available the statue of Baby Yoda inside his flying cradle, 15 cm high with Grogu looking out to scrutinize what is happening around him; made in 1/6 scale by Diamond Select Toys, this statue has a very limited edition of only 3000 pieces and contains a numbered certificate of authenticity inside its package that certifies its value.
Mainly produced in resin this figure, taken from the TV series The Mandalorian, perfectly brings back every detail that can be seen in the episodes of the series, from the colors to the signs of wear of the hover, to say the least fantastic.

order now your Baby Yoda statue

Model kit Bandai PG 1:72 - Millennium Falcon

The model kit of one of the most famous spaceships in the world of cinema, the Millennium Falcon, reproduced here in 1/72 scale by Bandai.
A truly unmissable proposal for all lovers of modeling and Star Wars, with this gunpla, which does not require the use of glue to be assembled in all its parts; ultra-detailed and very accurate, this Millenium Falcon also includes in its package LED lights, a display base, various decals and 6 figures depicting: Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Obi Wan Kenobi and the C-3PO droid , designed to be positioned at the helm of the spaceship.

Order your Millennium Falcon perfect grade model kit

Statua Sideshow - Stormtrooper premium format 50 cm

Selected especially for you from the Sideshow Collectibles proposal, Games and Comics presents you the statue of one of the most representative figures in the world of Star Wars, the Stormtrooper, faithful servant of the Empire first and then of the First Order.
50 cm tall, this statue reproduces a classic imperial stormtrooper armed with a blaster, his identifying weapon, ready to fire in a typically battle pose; the imposing dimensions of this figure allow you to admire every detail, thus offering the possibility to all collectors to exhibit a statue of Star Wars in their collection, which will be impossible not to notice.

order now your Stormtrooper statue

Stay up to date on the latest news

The entire offer dedicated to Star Wars action figures awaits you, choose your favorite collectibles to always have them with you and thanks to our pre-order section remember that you can also find all the figures announced and in the future, in order to ensure you all the limited editions you want, thus not risking losing them.
The world of Star Wars always offers new incredible collectibles not to be missed, which you can always keep tracked thanks to our help.

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