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Have you completed your Pokemon action figure collection?

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Pokemon is one of the most long-lived and legendary sagas in the world of video games, always in constant expansion and with new features ready to amaze the millions of fans who have followed them for years without ever losing their passion for this title.
Since the first release of the video game in 1996 with Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue, the first generation of Pokemon, many new characters with incredible abilities have been created and today we have reached the eighth generation, which began with the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield in 2019 .
The vastness of the Pokemon universe currently includes 898 different Pokemon, in addition to the special forms of characters already existing that differ in the various regions of the world with unique evolutions; all of these characters are categorized according to their type of membership and each has truly unique characteristics.
Starting from video games, the Pokemon franchise has then expanded considerably with the production of anime, movies and the card game as well as many collectibles, clothing and gadgets dedicated to the most famous characters such as the Pokemon trainer par excellence Ash Ketchum and some of his iconic travel companions such as Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charizard.
Many figures await you on the Games and Comics Online Shop to allow you to complete your collection of Pokemon action figures with proposals selected by the best brands in the industry.

What are your favorite Pokemon collectibles?

At Games and Comics you will be spoiled for choice to enrich your collection with incredibly detailed Pokemon action figures, along with plush toys, gadgets, replicas and everything you could ever want to always have with a Pokemon figure.
Within the range of collectibles you can choose from you will find, for example, a wide range of Funko Pop! Pokemon, with the iconic statuettes of this brand that portray the most popular Pokemon, such as Pikachu, Rattata, Mr Mime.
For lovers of Pokemon action figures, several series are available such as the Pokemon Battle Figures signed by Boti, or the Pokemon Clip 'N' Go, with reproductions of characters inside their own personalized Pokeballs.
In addition, both the smallest and the largest fans will be impressed by the incredible plush toys and pillows of all sizes, with very soft puppets from 20 to 60 cm high that portray many different Pokemon in a faithful and fun way.

Games and Comics wants to present you now some of the items available on the Online Shop, with the best proposals you may want:

Pokemon Boti Statue - Light Up Deluxe Mewtwo

The genetic Pokemon, Mewtwo, born as a clone created from Mew and known as one of the most powerful Pokemon; in this statue by Boti, he is portrayed in a battle pose in all his magnificence.
This 25 cm tall figure is adorned with incredible lighting effects, able to make the statue truly realistic and showing it just as if Mewtwo were ready to launch one of his fearsome attacks.

order now your Pokemon Boti statue - Light Up Deluxe Mewtwo

Peluche Pokemon gigant - Squirtle

One of the first generation starters, Squirtle is one of the cutest and most loved Pokemon ever, with his playful and irreverent air; here represented as a fantastic huge plush !!
60 cm tall, this plush depicts squirtle in every detail, allowing its fans to always have at their side a very soft reproduction of this timeless charm Pokemon.

order now your Pokemon gigant peluche - Squirtle

Replica Pokemon Wand Company - Pokeball

Finally, available for pre-order, on our Online Shop you will find this incredible representation by Wand Company, of the iconic Pokeball, one of the most characteristic objects of the saga that allows Pokemon trainers to capture all the specimens by enriching their Pokedex.
This die-cast replica is made with engineered metal, which in addition to reproducing all the details of the original in shapes and colors, has sensors that are sensitive to touch and proximity, making the Pokeball sensitive and able to light up when interacting with different sequences of colors.
To add further value to this collectible is the uniqueness of its identification number together with the official license of The Pokemon Company International to certify its originality.

order now your Replica Pokemon Wand Company - Pokeball

Choose the action figures dedicated to your favorite Pokemon

By visiting the Games and Comics Online Shop you will be able to discover action figures, bobble heads, plush toys, gadgets and clothing dedicated to all the characters and Pokemon belonging to the eight different generations that we have come to know so far.
Take advantage of the promotions that Games and Comics dedicates to you and don't forget to visit our pre-orders section, where you can secure the collectibles that you cannot do without, to be able to receive them when they are released, without risking losing them.

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