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How experienced are you with the Power Rangers series?

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Power Rangers is a franchise born from a television series of the early 90s that has developed over the years with a saga of great longevity that today has 29 different seasons, until the last wait in 2021 which will be called Power Rangers Dino Fury.

Starting from the first series consisting of 4 different seasons which include the original Power Rangers series and the Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers series, many other Rangers groups have developed such as the Dino Thunder, Ninja Storm, SPD, Jungle Fury and many others .
This hugely successful series that for about 20 years has kept many Power Rangers fans glued to the screen always follows the adventures of a group of characters intent on defending the Earth from the attack of an antagonist trying to seize power or destroy the planet ; ready to fight with all their strength, the Power Rangers use the special powers given to them to win battles against the fearsome monsters that try to take them down. In their help, punctually, in the various episodes of the series we almost always find the Zords, robots with characteristics that reflect the powers of the protagonists ready to combine with each other to form the Megazord and the Ultrazord to stop any possible looming threat.

Games and Comics attracted by the great charm released by the many Rangers who have taken part in the various sagas seen over the years, has created a section dedicated to Power Rangers action figures and many other collectibles such as plush toys, gadgets, board games and statues with which every lover of the series can make their own collection unique.

Let's discover all the proposals for Power Rangers action figures that you will find on the Online Games and Comics Shop

By visiting our section dedicated to this TV series you will find many different collectibles with which to satisfy your desires and expand your Power Rangers collection.
Among our proposals you will find, for example, plush toys dedicated to the various Rangers of all colors such as the Power Rangers red, blue, pink, white, yellow, black and green, but also cups dedicated to these incredible warriors, to be able to spend different moments of your day in their company.

Instead, as regards the collectibles, available for purchase and pre-order, you will find action figures, statues and board games signed by some of the best brands in the industry such as Bandai, Renegade Game Studios, Threezero and PCS Collectibles, with fantastic creations ready to kidnap you thanks to the mastery with which they are made and the quality of their details.

Games and Comics now wants to present you some interesting proposals that you will find on the Online Shop:

Action figure Power Rangers Threezero - Green Ranger 30 cm

In pre-order on the Online Games and Comics Shop, here is a fantastic action figure of the Green Ranger created by Threezero in collaboration with Hasbro, taken from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers; this 1/6 scale action figure is 30 cm high and is made with costumes in real fabric and is full of accessories and interchangeable parts with which to customize your figure to be able to expose it in the shape and pose you prefer.
The attention to detail and the quality with which this collectible is made, together with the others of the same series, make it a must-have in the collections of all true Power Rangers fans.

order now your action figure Power Rangers Threezero - Green Ranger 30 cm

Statua Power Rangers PCS Collectibles - Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger 23 cm

PCS Collectibles presents this magnificent Blue Ranger statue from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series.
About 23 cm tall this statue portrays the character of Billy Cranston in battle pose while holding his spear; the figure rests on a base that makes the pose dynamic with the Ranger ready to launch his attack.
The quality and extraordinary details make this figure truly realistic in all its parts thanks to the faithful reproduction with which the character seen in the series is recreated.

order now your statue Power Rangers PCS Collectibles - Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger 23 cm

Action figure Power Rangers Bandai SH Figuarts - Red Ranger SDCC 2018

Exclusively for San Diego ComiCon 2018 Bandai has created an action figure for its SH Figuarts series depicting the first Red Power Ranger, Jason Lee Scott.
In this representation the Red Ranger is recreated in all its might, taking up all the details that characterize the character in the series; moreover, inside the Bandai blister there are several interchangeable accessories such as weapons, hands and two different faces to have the possibility of being able to exhibit your action figure both with your face uncovered and with the helmet.

order now your action figure Power Rangers Bandai SH Figuarts - Red Ranger SDCC 2018

The best Power Rangers action figures await you only from Games and Comics

Now you are ready to buy your favorite action figures dedicated to the world of Power Rangers, you just have to choose the one you want most.

After making your purchases, remember to always stay updated on future releases so as not to miss any, thanks to our pre-orders section and our app you will be able to know all the news in real time so as not to miss any of our unmissable occasions dedicated to the best collectibles.

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