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Saintia Sho: the fantastic series of Bandai action figures

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Saintia Sho - the Sacred Warriors of Athena is a spin off of Saint Seiya - the Knights of the Zodiac and is set in the same period of the original series, in the moments before and after the battle of the Twelve Houses. The plot tells the adventures of a group of warriors called Saintia, handmaids of the goddess Athena, who, unlike the warrior priestesses, do not have the obligation to have a mask, like Castalia and Tisipone for example. Sho, or Shoko, is a warrior of this group and is the protagonist of the series that sees the Saintia engaged in defending their goddess from the fearsome threat represented by the goddess Eris and her evil warriors Dryad.

Based on this spin off saga of the Knights of the Zodiac, Bandai has created a collection of Myth Cloth dedicated to the characters who take part in it, creating action figures of absolute beauty, with incredibly detailed armor, ready to be exhibited in the collections of fans.

Myth Cloth and Myth Cloth Ex dedicated to the Saint Seiya series

Saint Seiya is a saga that includes several series such as Soul of Gold, Lost Canvas, Omega, Next Dimension and many others that have led Bandai to create different collections of Myth Cloth; action figures depicting the Warriors of the Zodiac and their opponents with their own sparkling armor that allows them to control the cosmos and fight to their full potential.

Games and Comics offers some Myth Cloth belonging to the Saintia Sho series such as Shoko and Kyoko, both with the armor of Equuleus, the pony, one of the smallest recognized constellations.
These extremely posable and posable Bandai action figures are packaged together with several interchangeable pieces such as faces and hands to be able to customize the display as you prefer.

Here are two other Bandai action figures from the Saintia Sho Myth Cloth series, Ares, God of War and Milo from Scorpio presented for you:

Bandai Saint Seiya Saintia Sho Myth Cloth Ex - Ares

Ares, God of War, is one of the antagonists of this saga of the Knights of the Zodiac and comes in the usual Myth Cloth Ex packages with the various blisters containing all the components of the Bandai action figure inside the classic cardboard box.

The action figure, like almost all the Myth Cloths, presents a great flexibility and an incredibly detailed armor that will be very appreciated by lovers of the Knights of the Zodiac; the package includes, in addition to the exhibition stand for the armor, also several interchangeable parts to customize your action figure at will and display it in the position you prefer.
Among the pieces in the box you will find faces, hands, the sword of Ares, God of War and the apple of discord.

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Bandai Saint Seiya Saintia Sho Myth Cloth Ex - Milo

Milo of Scorpio, one of the twelve golden knights, is available in the version seen in the Saintia Sho saga, in which he faces fearsome enemies such as Rigel of Orion.
In this 18 cm high action figure the golden knight of the constellation of Scorpio in its Myth Cloth Ex version is presented in all its magnificence with a sparkling armor that includes in its package several interchangeable parts to be able to pose the figure as you prefer. , customizing it with various accessories.
The extreme posability of the figure is characteristic of this series of Bandai action figures, which makes it possible to exhibit it within your collection in all the distinctive poses of the character seen in the series both with the armor worn, and positioned on the appropriate totem by going to dial the scorpion symbol.

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