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Soul of Chogokin: discover the available Japanese robots

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The world of Japanese robots, also known as mecha and seen in many anime and manga from the 70s to today, was born from the inspiration of Kiyoshi Nagai, probably better known as Go Nagai, one of the most famous mangaka ever.
The mecha genre was born with the creation of the Mazinger Z series, one of the first works of Go Nagai, followed by a multitude of other manga and anime inspired by it, which still today are a great success among fans.

Soul of Chogokin, translated into our language as Superlega's Soul, is the name that Bandai has given to the collectibles line dedicated to Japanese robots taken from many different series, and which sees as the first figure of the series the GX-01 of Mazinger Z , from which he draws inspiration.
This name derives from the manga of the same name, as Go Nagai defines with the term Chogokin the imaginary metal with which the protagonist robot would have been built, and which also inspired many other different series of collectibles, just like that of Bandai.

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The Games and Comics Online Shop, within its section dedicated exclusively to Bandai action figures dedicated to this series, presents you with many different versions of the most famous Japanese robots, seen in anime and manga of the last fifty years as the invincible robot Trider G7, Gaogaigar, Space Runway Ideon, Super Combattler V, Getter Robot, Mazinger, Rokushin, Daitarn, Grendizer, Voltron and many others not to be missed.

To present you some of the latest news, Games and Comics has selected for you some of the best proposals available among which you can find the ideal figures for your collection:

Action figure Soul of Chogokin Bandai - GX-78 Getter Emperor

Getter Emperor is a character seen in the Shin Getter Robot manga and the Soul of Chogokin series wanted to pay homage to him with this figure that forms the imposing robot by combining 3 different spacecraft.
Extremely fun and also a bit complex to assemble, you can decide which version to create with your mecha and, of course, you can change it at any time to try which one is your favorite.
Each component has a very high level of detail, which will form a magnificent action figure, able to stand out in the collection of any fan of Japanese robots.

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Action figure Soul of Chogokin Bandai - DX-03 Combattler 5 die cast

Another of Bandai's creations is the one dedicated to Combattler V, the superelectromagnetic robot, protagonist of the homonymous Japanese anime series of the mecha genre.
This robot formed by the mechanical union of five aircraft represents the only hope of the earthlings to stop the conquest of the planet by the aliens, led by Queen Oleana first and then by the witch Janera; with many difficulties, the heroes protagonists will always be able to achieve this goal.
With this figure you will have at your disposal a masterful reproduction of the DX-03 robot, finished in every detail and completed by a display on which to place the mecha to enjoy all its sound and light effects.

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Action figure Soul of Chogokin Bandai - GX-68 Gaogaigar reprint

The super robot Gaogaigar, king of the brave, is back with this reissue of the famous mecha paladin of the homonymous series.
Belonging to Bandai's incredible series of Japanese robots, this 29 cm tall action figure portrays Gaogaigar in all its magnificence in the final fusion between Galeon, Guy Shishio and the Gao Machines.
Lots of interchangeable parts exponentially increase the charm of this figure, thanks to its multiple transformations possible with interchangeable hands, optional faces, a display base and the diving driver.
Don't miss out on this amazing reissue!

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On our Online Shop you can always stay updated on all future releases thanks to our pre-orders, which will allow you to know each release well in advance; without neglecting, of course, our offer available for immediate purchase not to be missed, given the limited number of pieces that each print of the Soul of Chogokin series by Bandai produces for its creations.

Choose your favorite mecha now and add them to the collection by selecting your favorite action figures!

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