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Soul of Chogokin: japan robots produced by Bandai

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The Japanese company Bandai is one of the world leaders in the sectors of toys, video games, collectibles and anime. In the field of action figures one of the most successful series is Soul of Chogokin. The term Chogokin was coined by the Japanese cartoonist and writer Go Nagai to indicate the metal alloy with which the legendary Mazinger Z robot was built. This name was then used by the Japanese company for its line of Bandai collectible action figures that initially they included metal parts, whose first figure was Mazinger Z and which today also includes action figures from other series such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Daltanious, Power Rangers, Daitarn, Goldrake and other Japanese anime of the mecha genre.

Quality and definition of small details: Bandai Soul of Chogokin

The Bandai action figures Soul of Chogokin series sees in its products an obsessive attention to detail to give all fans of action figures that faithfully reproduce the originals. The characteristics of the models in this series are quite specific: the models have a height that is around 30 cm, sometimes even 40 cm once they are entirely composed; The parts of the action figures are made almost entirely of metal and this involves a high weight for the model; Bandai action figures can take different poses and can be customized thanks to the various accessories contained in the packs; one of the strengths of these reproductions is the presence of a base that allows to contain all the components together with the figures and allows a perfect exposure; all the components are contained in a package with attention to every detail that perfectly protects each piece..

Action figure Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX-73 Great Mazinger Dynamic Classic


The Great Mazinger is back in a new guise that resembles the robot seen in the anime, with meticulous attention to detail and many interchangeable accessories. The mecha figures alone have a height of 17 cm to which the accessories and the pedestal are then added. This Bandai action figure can be exhibited in many different positions that recall the attack and flight poses of the Great Mazinger. Many accessories are present inside the package, such as optional faces, hands, two swords, demonic wings, boomerang and central missile.

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Action figure Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX-76 Ufo Robot Grendizer


The action figure GX-76 Ufo Robot Grendizer of the Bandai Soul of Chogokin series is the most accurate reproduction of Goldrake, one of the most popular 80s robots. The Japanese robot has a height of about 20 cm and is equipped with various accessories that allow you to position it on its display base in the pose you have always dreamed of. This action figure signed by Bandai is faithful in every detail to the original robot and the colors perfectly respect the classic standards. Among the accessories supplied there are rotating fists in different versions and halberds; a plus of this action figure is certainly the possibility of being able to put it on its display base in the flight pose that distinguishes it.

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Action figure Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX-71 Voltron Golion


The action figure GX-71 Voltron Golion of the Bandai Soul of Chogokin series is the most accurate reproduction of Voltron, one of the most popular 80s robots. The Japanese robot that is created from the union of the 5 lions has a height of about 20 cm and details of fear. This Bandai replica is faithful in every detail to the original robot. Among the supplied accessories there are an interchangeable face, the 2 swords, the display stand and other weapons.

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Super Robot Chogokin: the new Bandai japan robot serie

Super Robot Chogokin is a series released in 2010 that derives from Soul of Chogokin, whose action figures have slightly smaller dimensions than the parallel series but a greater articulation that gives the possibility of positioning the figures in a greater number of poses. The subjects of the models in this series are the same Japanese robots of the series to which it is inspired, such as Goldrake, Mazinger and other robots drawn from anime of the mecha genre.

Bandai Super Robot Chogokin Mazinger Z Gold Version Action Figure

src-super-robot-chogokin-mazinger-z-gold-version-action-figureShin Mazinger Z Gold Version is a model made of metal with some plastic parts. It has rigid joints that allow you to position the action figure in the pose you prefer; different accessories are present in the package: various pairs of hands that allow the figures to assume very realistic positions; moreover, the wings have different articulation possibilities to be positioned in the preferred pose. The special coloring of this action figure from the Super Robot Chogokin series is due to the recurrence of the Tamashii Nations 10th World Tour, the chrome plating and gilding alternately give this model an air of true dominator that will conquer everyone. No collector can do without such a special figure.

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Soul of Chogokin e Super Robot Chogokin: best japan robots action figures replica

Bandai action figures dedicated to Japanese robots are real works of art; thanks to the definition of the details and the incredible articulation they are able to recreate the most famous poses that they have assumed within the souls in a perfect way. Games and Comics offers a wide range of Soul of Chogokin and Super Robot Chogokin action figures that no mecha anime lover can do without.

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