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Star Wars Action Figures and Hasbro Marvel Legends

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Hasbro is an American company that manufactures toys, action figures and board games. Marvel Legends and Star Wars action figures are the main series of this brand, of which Hasbro Italia ensures a unique quality and attention to detail to give collectors incredible action figures. Hasbro action figures are characterized by a transparent packaging that allows a perfect vision even while they are still boxed; Star Wars action figures and Marvel Legends action figures are accompanied by additional contents such as accessories or interchangeable pieces including arms and faces that can be used to customize and pose the figure as you prefer.

Your favorite characters from a stellar saga: Star Wars action figures

The Star Wars movie series and the very current TV series The Mandalorian have conquered a wide audience of all ages, who can no longer do without the incredible adventures of Jedi and Sith; Hasbro with its Star Wars action figures gives the opportunity to immerse yourself in this universe to live an experience in true Star Wars style. The most beloved characters have been impeccably reproduced such as Boba Fett, Yoda, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Poe Dameron, Finn, stormtroopers and many others. The Star Wars action figures are presented in the original Hasbro blisters and are 10 cm to 17 cm high according to the types of miniseries to which they belong. You will find all our Hasbro Star Wars items on the Online Shop where there are both items already available and some in exclusive pre-order.

Action figure Star Wars The Mandalorian - The Child Baby Yoda


The Mandalorian is the new exclusive Disney TV series, in which the Mandalorian bounty hunter Djin Djarin works hard to save the life of a young boy, who belongs to the same species as the great master Jedi Yoda, who is called by fans Baby Yoda. Hasbro in his series of action figures dedicated to Star Wars has created a figure for this emblematic character, capable of controlling the strength even if in a still immature way, which has aroused great charm in the lovers of the series. This Hasbro Action figure is presented in the classic blister, is 16 cm high and can take different poses to be positioned in the way you prefer.

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Give a look to the superheroes you prefer among the fantastic Marvel Legends action figures

Marvel Legends is a series of Hasbro action figures about the Marvel universe that incorporates all the most loved characters. From the Avengers to the X-Men, passing through heroes or villains seen in cinecomics and comics. Many action figures with interchangeable parts are available on our Online Shop to meet the needs of each collector who will be able to exhibit their figures in the pose that most reminds them of the exploits of their favorite characters. Captain America, Thanos, Wolverine, Spider Man, Thor and many are just some of the characters that you will find in Hasbro's incredible Marvel Legends series.

Action figure Marvel Legends - Thanos Deluxe Titan Hero Series


Thanos, the most powerful of the eternal is back, with a new imposing 30 cm high figure. This villain, recently seen on the big screen in the Avengers films, is presented in the classic Hasbro blister, and sees its figures with a smiling expression and the golden armor that distinguishes it in recent films. This figure perfectly expresses Thanos' joy, mixed with madness, for having succeeded in using the gems of infinity.

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Action Figures Star Wars and Marvel Legends cannot be missing from your collection

Extend your collection of action figures with the fantastic Hasbro products, which thanks to the attention to their details and realistic colors lend themselves to be displayed to leave anyone who sees them amazed. Discover all the action figures that Games and Comics offers you on the Online Shop and select your favorites to always have at your side the characters that have most impressed you in their adventures within the Marvel and Star Wars universes.

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