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The best McFarlane Fortnite action figures

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Fortnite is a video game released in 2017 created by Epic Games and People Can Fly. This free to play video game features different game modes such as save the world, battle royal and creative mode that have won over gamers of all ages. Fortnite has quickly become a worldwide phenomenon that has conquered assiduous video game players but also those who had never entered this world thanks to the possibility of being played on many different platforms such as Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC and Smartphone. From this video game that guarantees unbridled fun, many products have been born that bear the brand; Fortnite has also become famous for all its merchandise which includes clothing, bobble heads, board games and Fortnite action figures.

McFarlane Toys, a US company founded by the homonymous cartoonist Todd aMcFarlane in 1994, deals with the production of fantastic Fortnite Action Figures dedicated to the most famous skins present on the game; the skins represent the characters with which your opponents will see you during the fights to the death to achieve the coveted royal victory and which are customizable in different aspects such as in the choice of the colors of the clothes, picks and backpacks.

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Discover all the Fortnite action figures on the Online Games and Comics Shop

Games and Comics offers you many Fortnite action figures signed by Mcfarlane dedicated to the most famous skins present on the most famous multiplatform video game in the world. The McFarlane action figures dedicated to Fortnite are presented in their original box complete with accessories and interchangeable parts to customize your figure as you prefer; the action figures are produced in PVC and this series was made with figures about 18cm high. One of the most appreciated features of these action figures is their super-articulation that allows you to position them as you want, recreating the most varied poses that can resume the movements that are performed during play sessions.
Overtaker, Wild Card Red, Raven, Omega, Carbide, Inferno, Hybrid and many other Fortnite action figures dedicated to skins are present on the Games and Comics Shop, ready to conquer you with all their accessories: personalized picks, backpacks and the most famous weapons drawn from the game.

Do not miss the opportunity to buy the most iconic Fortnite action figures by taking advantage of the opportunities that have been dedicated to you.

Action figure Fortnite - Nitehare

Nitehare is the antithesis skin of Bun Bun, the chocolatey Easter bunny. Nitehare looks like one of the skins of the Easter period, disturbing and dark. McFarlane reproduces this skin in every detail in fact we can see the long ears that fall downwards, the blue eyes on a malicious face, the notches that mark the count of ammunition on his belt and the holster with the design of a carrot on his leg left. The pack comes with different accessories such as the Steel Carrot pickaxe, the floppy macabre doll-shaped backpack and armed with a legendary submachine gun.

You will not be able to do without this fantastic figure that has 18 points of articulation and has as its personal motto "jumping out of your nightmares".

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Action figure Fortnite - Beastmode Jackal

"Gassed and Ready to Roar" the action figure Beastmode Jackal features a humanoid-shaped mechanical jackal with a Mohawk hairstyle and a cheeky, battle-ready expression. The accessories in the package are the Mauler pickaxe in the Jackal version, the V6 backpack in the Jackal variant and as a weapon it presents a lethal minigun, one of the most destructive weapons in the game. McFarlane's Beastmode Jackal skin reports every detail that you can see on Fortnite from the armor faithfully reproduced in every part to the slightest signs present on it. Get ready to position your Fortnite Beastmode Jackal action figure as you wish to make him express all his battle desire.

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