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Prime 1 Studio is a Japanese company producing statues and figures of the highest quality, specialized mainly in the creation of statues in 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 scale, creating works of imposing dimensions that leave nothing to chance and are finished in every smallest detail.
The innovative concept design and cutting-edge 3D modeling used to create each piece are the trademark of this brand, famous among many fans of the sector for creating truly unique and inimitable figures.
To create ever more incredible statues, the Prime 1 Studio designers have collaborated with other leading brands in the sector such as Megahouse, Square Enix, Sideshow Collectibles and many others to create even more fascinating and complete proposals, creating works of a level never seen before.

In addition to the large statues, Prime 1 Studio in recent years has also launched a new collectible series, very different from its standards, creating the Cutie1; that is, figures with the appearance of stuffed plush but made of pvc, with details characterized by large stitching and, for example, buttons instead of eyes, to create a new nice and fun format that portrays some of the characters belonging to the most famous sagas of the planet.

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Prime 1 Studio, since its foundation in 2012, has obtained numerous licenses to recreate very famous characters, taken from well-known sagas of films, video games, anime and manga, comics and TV series.
In fact, among the proposals available on our Online Shop, you will find characters from titles such as Batman, Berserk, Ken the Warrior, Devil May Cry, Dragon Ball Z, Jurassic Park, Gantz and many others waiting for you.
Do not miss any of the outputs that we offer for your collection and you can add pieces that will embellish it in an important way thanks to the quality that these figures guarantee.
Let's now discover some of the proposals we have selected for you, to learn more about the style of Prime 1 Studio's works:

Statua Prime 1 Studio Cutie1 Ken il guerriero - Kenshiro

From the brand new Cutie1 series, we present this figure dedicated to Kenshiro, absolute protagonist of the Ken the Warrior saga, here reinterpreted in a version with a unique cut in this series signed by Prime 1 Studio, with great charm and originality, with many details characterized by hinges and seams.
This stuffed plush figure, 12 cm high and equipped with a magnetic base for its own display, recreates Ken's likeness in every detail, including the seven scars that form the Big Dipper on his chest, which earned him the nickname of "man of the seven stars".

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Statua Prime 1 Studio Batman Arkham Knight - Justice League 3000 Batman

Taken from the comics dedicated to the Justice League 3000 and from the video game Batman Arkham Night, here is one of the releases of this brand dedicated to the superhero of Gotham in this unusual version.
49 cm tall, in 1/5 scale, this statue presents the alter ego of Bruce Wayne in this version that combines the black, characteristic of the Dark Knight, with a crimson red for the armor of this Batman.
Imposing and powerful, this representation rests on a display with attention to the smallest details that enhances the verticality of the whole composition.
Furthermore, inside the package there are also some interchangeable parts such as the hands that allow you to expose the figure while using the accessories you prefer.

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Diorama Prime 1 Studio Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Indominus Rex

Here is the brand new diorama dedicated to the Indominus Rex, with impressive dimensions 46.2 x 104.6 x 33.2 cm in 1/15 scale, taken from the film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.
Created by Steve Jubinville himself, the artist who personally supervised the creation of the 3D model of this dinosaur also for use in the film; you can therefore expect a very high quality workmanship from this diorama which sees the Indominus Rex attacking an injured Ankylosaurus specimen on the base of the display, then completed by the presence of rocks and vegetation.
An outing not to be missed for all lovers of the world of Jurassic Park.

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Make your collection unique

Every detail can make the difference between choosing a banal figure and a well-finished one for your collection, so in proposing statues and figures signed by Prime 1 Studio we have no doubt in assuring you that there is no better choice; the quality guaranteed by the avant-garde creations provided by this brand only offer results with the highest standards that all fans will be able to appreciate.
We are waiting for you on the Games and Comics Online Shop to discover together our entire offer and help you choose your favorite collectibles.

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