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What is the most exciting superhero among the Marvel action figures?

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The Marvel world born in 1939 with the name of Timely Comics, extends to this day with many different series and timelines, on which the entire Marvel Universe develops, consisting mainly of Marvel Comics and the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).
The adventures of the superheroes belonging to this universe are intertwined many times creating many different alliances and feuds, which in some timelines do not even exist; this system allows you to create an infinite number of stories and battles that see the different superheroes and villains as protagonists, in order to be able to appreciate every aspect that characterizes them and that made them the characters we all know today.
Based on this world, born from the brilliant minds of Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, Games and Comics presents you the best Marvel action figures to add to your collection with unmissable proposals for lovers of these characters.

The best brands for your collectibles

The Games and Comics Online Shop is always attentive to the news and must-haves that the world of Marvel collectibles creates for all fans of this fantastic universe.
The selection of Marvel action figures designed for you, includes the best proposals of the most important brands in this sector such as Bandai, Beast kingdom, Diamond Select, Hasbro, Hot Toys, Sideshow, Neca and Mezco Toys, to make your collections even more complete. .
Action figures of different styles and sizes are available on our Online Shop, with proposals such as the line of figures dedicated to the characters of Marvel Avengers Endgame by Hot Toys, which presents collectibles over 40 cm high, passing through the proposal of Hasbro with its Marvel Legends about 17 cm tall.
At Games and Comics you will find solutions for your collections that will satisfy every budget, size and quality need, to fulfill your every wish; just remember to stay up to date on all the news with us!

Let's now discover the proposals we have chosen for you with truly unmissable offers:

Action figure Sideshow Marvel The Punisher - Frank Castle

The punisher, Frank Castle, one of the most beloved vigilante and antiheroes in the Marvel world.
Ruthless and fearless, the Punisher is portrayed in this action figure by Sideshow, with a 1: 6 scale reproduction of this incredibly skilled war veteran, able to survive even in the most desperate situations; in this action figure made with meticulous attention to detail, from the features of the face to the care in the clothes, as well as in the fantastic reproduction of all the accessories present in the collection with guns, submachine guns, daggers, hand grenades and other interchangeable parts to customize your own Marvel action figure.

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Action figure Hot Toys Marvel Avengers Endgame - Thor

Thor, the God of Thunder, one of the most powerful characters who are part of the most recent Avengers team, here portrayed in his version seen in the movie Endgame along with his new weapon Stormbreaker and the hammer Mjolnir.
This 32 cm tall Hot Toys action figure sees Thor portrayed in all his power and magnificence with his glittering armor and many interchangeable parts and additional accessories such as the electrical energy released from both the weapons and his chest, complete with effects. bright to enhance even more the aesthetics; along with a pedestal for its display.
An unmissable figure for all lovers of Odin's son and heir to the throne of Asgard, with exquisite workmanship and an unbeatable level of detail.

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Action figure Mezco Toys 1:12 Collective Marvel - Captain Marvel

For the One: 12 Collective series by Mezco Toys here is for you the exclusive Captain Marvel figure, masterfully made by this brand that presents it in its typical battle outfit with different interchangeable parts such as energy beams, faces, hands and accessories in addition to the inevitable Goose cat.
Great posability and posability make this Marvel action figure perfect for display within a high quality collection.

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Action figure Bandai SH Figuarts Marvel - Ant Man and ant

Finally, Games and Comics wants to present Ant Man together with ant, from the SH Figuarts series by Bandai, with a deluxe set of the highest quality, given by a very high attention to detail that enhances every detail of both figures.
The posability of this pair of action figures allows them to be exhibited even together with Ant Man astride his faithful companion, which has a length of 25 cm, thanks to the special saddle.
Based on the MCU movie Ant Man and the Wasp, this Bandai action figure is a must-see for all lovers of this character.

order now your antman and ant action figure

Do not miss the opportunities chosen for you

Stay up to date on the latest news and offers available by visiting the Games and Comics Online Shop which will allow you to get to know all the best collectibles dedicated to the Marvel Universe and beyond.
By visiting our section dedicated to pre-orders you will also be able to find out about all future releases dedicated to collectibles of the most famous series, so as not to miss your favorite action figures and take advantage of the unmissable dedicated discounts.

Your favorite superheroes are ready to fly in your collection to embellish it and allow you to always have the most loved Marvel characters with you, reproduced in a fantastic way!

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