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Keroro is a Japanese manga written and drawn by Mine Yoshizaki, published since 1999 in Shonen Ace magazine and still in progress today.
This saga dedicated to the most famous alien frog in the Japanese manga and anime scene tells the adventures of a platoon of soldiers led by Sergeant Keroro and composed of four other frogs who land on earth with the aim of conquering it.
The story develops by telling the various attempts to conquer the planet that fail every time for different reasons, in the meantime, however, Keroro and his friends, failing in their intent, develop a deep friendship with the family in whose house they have settled, consisting of Aki Hinata and her children Fuyuki and Natsumi, discovering how humans and aliens can coexist peacefully.

Starting from the manga, the Keroro franchise over time has expanded considerably, also landing in the world of anime and animated films, enjoying great success all over the world.

The Games and Comics offer will amaze you with its model kits

The Games and Comics Online Shop presents an incredible collection dedicated to action figures and model kits depicting the most famous characters of the Keroro series, with figures of great charm and quality.
In particular, dedicated to this timeless manga you will find the plamo model kits, typical models very famous in Japan, made of plastic and including interchangeable parts inside the package and to be assembled easily to assemble your own figures.
The figures that await you from Games and Comics include the entire team of alien frogs led by Sergeant Keroro and made up of Giroro, Dororo, Tamama and Kururu, his trusted companions.
The proposal that awaits you will present you with model kits and action figures that recreate these characters in several of their appearances, often accompanied by various versions of their battle robots.

Let's now discover a preview of some of the figures that await you on our Online Shop:

Keroro model kit plamo - Keroro e Keroro robot

This Bandai model kit features Sergeant Keroro together with his inseparable battle mecha, which follows the lines of the Gundam robots, often cited and much loved by the green frog protagonist of the series.
Very easy to assemble and with the possibility of choosing between different interchangeable parts for its customization, this model kit is made with great attention to details and original colors to offer Keroro lovers a perfect figure for their collections, absolutely not to be done escape!

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Keroro model kit plamo - Dororo robot

The chosen soldier of the platoon, Dororo, protector of the planet and bringer of peace on Earth; this character is one of the sergeant's faithful companions and is represented in this figure by Bandai in his robot version, driving the mecha that accompanies him in battle, armed with a shield and sword.
This model kit about 8 cm high offers a very faithful reproduction of Dororo's robot, which recreates every detail that can be seen in the manga and anime.
Lovers of this saga who want to recreate the "great maneuvers - space invasions division" platoon within their collection will not be able to miss this Bandai model kit.

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Keroro action figure - Garuru Spark Jagama

Lieutenant Garuru is the leader of his eponymous platoon, and Giroro's older brother, sent to Earth to support Keroro's team in their mission of conquest; initially seen as hostile, in the course of the story he will make a deeper friendship with the protagonists of the series.
In this Bandai action figure, belonging to The Robot Spirits series, Garuru is portrayed driving his battle mecha, armed with a large sniper rifle, a weapon of which he is a very skilled user.

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What's your favorite Keroro character?

If you already have a preference on which is your favorite character, you will only have to choose the version you want to add to your collection, taking advantage of the excellent value for money of the proposals dedicated to Keroro that will allow you to expand it with all your favorite collectibles.
The "large maneuvers - space invasions division" platoon or Keroro Platoon is ready to surprise you with all the figures available for immediate purchase and with the possibility of pre-ordering to make you choose those you cannot do without.
Don't waste any more time!

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