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Kotobukiya is a Japanese company founded in 1953 that has established itself in the market as one of the best producers of collectibles including statues and model kits . The indisputable reputation of Kotobukiya is given by the excellent quality of its figures which are produced with attention to every detail to guarantee the collector statues, action figures or model kits perfect in every facet. Games and Comics offers you the best selection of items signed Kotobukiya both available for immediate purchase and with the possibility of preorder to secure future releases.

Discover all the series dedicated to the Kotobukiya statues

Kotobukiya mainly produces statues and model kits dedicated to many different characters and from different sagas such as Marvel, Devil May Cry, Star Wars, DC Comics, GI Joe, M y Hero Academia, Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts, Street Fighter, Neon Genesis Evangelion and others.

Kotobukiya products are also divided into different series such as ARTFXJ Japan, Bishoujo and Marvel Now which collect numerous types of statues. For example , in the ARTFXJ Japan series there are characters belonging to Japanese manga and anime , while in the Marvel Now series, as the name suggests, there are fantastic superheroes such as Deadpool, Spider Man, Venom, Hawkeye and many others.

In addition to statues, Kotobukiya also offers fantastic model kits dedicated to Japanese robots and more. In fact, among the protagonists available on our Online Shop you will find Gundam, Mazinga, Mazinkaiser, Star Wars, Space 1999, Yamato, Ultraman and Dragon Ball . Stay up to date on the latest releases of the Kotobukiya statues and model kits on the Games and Comics Online Shop to not miss any of the fantastic figures produced by this brand.

Visit our Online Shop Games and Comics and discover all the offers dedicated to Kotobukiya

Discover all the offers dedicated by Games and Comics to the ARTFXJ Japan, Bishoujo and Marvel Now series by Kotobukiya . Choose the best statues, model kits and action figures to add to your collection.

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