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Knight Models

Knight Models is a Spanish company, based in Madrid, which for years has been involved in the production of resin miniatures to assemble and color to experience an exciting and wide board game , set in the incredible worlds of DC Universe and Harry. Potter . DC Universe Miniature Game is an incredibly fascinating game, playable with all Knight Models miniatures, with which you can create a split lineup between heroes and villains with your favorite characters available both in single version packs and in small groups. Fascinating and super detailed, these miniatures will make you live the experience of a true modeling expert thanks to the possibility of assembling and coloring these incredible figures as you wish. Also available in the version of the little wizard of Hogwarts, Harry Potter miniature adventure game will allow you to experience exciting battles between factions of wizards and witches by choosing your favorite characters and deploying them in your team to cast spells and produce effective potions.

Discover all the DC Comics and Harry Potter miniatures from Knight Models

All the most famous DC Comics characters are present among the creations of Knight Models such as Batman , Robin , Flash , Shazam, Aquaman along with the most evil villains of this universe such as Joker , Bane , Penguin , Doomsday , Lex Luthor and others. In addition, on the Online Games and Comics Shop you will also find many secondary characters of the various DC adventures with great charm that will allow you to make your stories even more intriguing thanks to the variety of figures that can take part in them. At Games and Comics you will also find all the characters to experience the miniature game dedicated to Harry Potter with figures ready to be painted; Hagrid , the Malfoy family , Remus Lupine , Fred and George Weasley and many other wizards, witches and magical creatures await you on our Online Shop .

Visit the Games and Comics Online Shop to find out all about the DC Universe miniature game

Choose Games and Comics as your trusted action figure shop to buy the best Knight Models miniatures and make your miniature games engaging and full of characters, all to paint. Find out everything you need to play the DC Universe miniature game and Harry Potter miniature adventure game , and try this game with your friends to experience unforgettable adventures with them.

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