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In the world of cinema, the comedy duo has always been one of the best-loved routines. The great pairs of comic actors are the result of a special alchemy, a unique harmony between two very different personalities. In fact it is precisely this diversity that becomes the focal point and special magic of their art.

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Infinite Statues

Infinite Statue is a brand that was born with the intent to give collectors a unique object whose beauty and quality can be savored. The statues of Infinite Statue are made with attention to every detail, using 3D technologies by the hand of professional sculptors and are entirely hand painted . All the statues of this brand are distributed in a limited edition since the quality with which they are created does not allow a mass production. Stay up to date on the releases of the Infinite Statue statues on the Online Games Shop at nd Comics so as not to miss any upcoming statues; take advantage of the opportunities offered bypre-orders to take advantage of the discounts dedicated to the statues so as to ensure the possibility of having them in your collection.

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In finished statues inspired for its initial shaping the in the television characters and the cinema of the past, famous people and figures of comics and cartoons. Captain Spock, Abbot and Costello, Nosferatu, Steve McQueen, James Dean, Ugo Fantozzi, Lupine and Rat Man are some of the subjects reproduced with great skill by the sculptors of Infinite Statue who with each of their creations create an unforgettable work that leaves everyone speechless. collector.

The incredible realism of these statues with s toric subjects allows us to be transported back in time to experience the fantastic moments that these characters have lived and given to all of us; such as, for example, the statue dedicated to Star Trek 2 Captain Spock Leonard Nimoy, a 1 : 3 scale reproduction 65 cm high which was born from a collaboration between Darkside Collectibles Studio and Infinite Statue ; perfectly realistic, created using the best materials and the most advanced techniques for the reproduction of details. You will not be able to miss a statue of this quality dedicated to a character who has conquered an entire generation.

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Discover all the Games and Comics proposals dedicated to Infinite Statues available and in preorder on our Online Shop. Infinite Statue gives you only the highest quality statues, perfect for expanding your collection dedicated to the idols of the '900.

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